The Foxman, HitRadio 103 KHTR St. Louis | 1985


Out of the Robyn Watts collection comes this larger than life listen to KHTR (now Classic Hits KLOU). Talk about tight! As was typical of the power presentation on many of these CBS O&O early CHR stations, KHTR moves along at lightning speed. Jingles are used somewhat infrequently by this time, as opposed to earlier in the decade, and listen to the live legal ID – NOT the jingle sing!

KHTR was similar in format and presentation to sister stations like WHTT (now WODS) Boston and KKHR Los Angeles.
UPDATE 4/28/16 – WODS is now CHR Formatted, Branded “103.3 Amp Radio

103.3 St. Louis is now Classic Hits formatted KLOU.

103.3 St. Louis KHTR KLOU

6 Replies to “The Foxman, HitRadio 103 KHTR St. Louis | 1985”

  1. Bowls

    Hmmm. I listened to the clip. It REALLY didn’t sound the way I remember. I was avid KHTR listener from the day it broke till about 85-ish. The stylish in between(bumper) jingles were no there. I know the audio clip is a little later, but still, this is not truely ‘classic’ KHTR. No mention of St. Louis at all.

  2. Brady

    Great check with power hits and a cooking jock. Say what you want about this ‘not being classic KHTR’ but it’s got ‘Fantastic Radio’ written all over it. It’s the type of stuff needed to educate the consultants, Low Rent and the money $hores on Wall St. that have destroyed a fantastic medium.

  3. Robyn Watts

    KHTR (like CBS’s sisters CHRs WBBM-FM/Chicago, KKHR/LA, WHTT/Boston, and WCAU-FM/Philly) were in the process of phasing out the “Hitradio” and “Hot Hits” positioners from their stations as well as the heavy use of jingles on-air during this time. KKHR would go on to buy more cuts from JAM (“Warp Factor”, “Outstanding”, “Fresh Kiss”, and “Hot KIIS”) a few months later and drop the remaining TM “Airpower” and older JAM cuts from the air, but would use them sparingly on the air.

    KHTR would continue on for a few more years before becoming Oldies KLOU On November 4th, 1988.


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