The Greaseman, WWDC-FM Washington – DC101 | March 30, 1988

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How long has it been since The Greaseman was DC-101’s morning guy? Courtesy of Matt @ Big Apple Airchecks, this will surely bring back fond memories of the man who had a million stories (or so it seemed). We sure miss hearing Doug Tracht and here’s why.

Here’s a real personality – someone who was a shock jock long before that term existed! Nothing and nobody was off limits, even on his local radio show before syndication.

This starts out with Greaseman taking calls from people who are bulking up – weight lifters who wish to get a bit of advice from Grease himself. The show just goes downhill from there. You’ll hear news, traffic and weather (the morning airstaff consists of he, him and hisself – all under different names!)… and he does play songs in the morning (all of which are scoped, of course), but for an AOR station – check out the variety!!! Smokey Robinson on a station which played Rush & Van Halen as staple artists in 1988? Wow!

Greaseman, as he’s known, was heard for a long time in Jacksonville, Florida on the legendary “Mighty 690” WAPE in the 70s. His show was later syndicated out of WJFK Washington after his gig at WWDC-FM. It’s been many years since ol’ Grease was heard on a major radio station, which is too bad – he’s one of the greats!

Doug Tracht AKA WWDC-FM DC-101 Washington


  1. Karl Phillips

    Z-93 here in Atlanta had Grease for a while but just like all of the other blunders Atlanta Radio stations make – he was dropped. We met and had a picture taken with him – and it is proudly displayed here in my office at work.


  2. I just wanted to let all of Dougs Fans I saw a 4 min trailer of a film called “The Last Mango” inspired by Pulp Fiction ….and I think Doug was excellent …. This may be huge … I know I have heard alot of rumors that this will be a cult classic …I am waitng to see it and listen to him loud and clear on Pod Cast and in 104.7 FM a small teaser is on I watched today also looks ..interesting…



  3. The GreaseMan can still be heard on-air on //, which also contains a live webstream for people outside the reception area ! AMF !

  4. Larry

    The greaseman is one of the greats and should be heard around the country not just here and there.

    I enjoyed the aircheck from WWDC FM in 1988. It shows that the Greaseman is underrated as a true talent.

    A friend told me that when you see Grease live, it is a true experience. Watching the crew work together and the tightness of it is an art form in itself. Not to mention his humor which is timeless.

    Grease did make mistakes which hurt his career in some ways but he deserves to be heard doing mornings around the country.

  5. Steven Green

    This guy is a huge talent.

  6. Robert

    I have been listen to the Greaseman sence 1984 when I was in high school in Riverdale Md. (parkdale) The guy is great. I wish he was back in the morning

  7. Don Beno

    There have been many air talents out there who have imitated Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern and the Morning Zoo’s.

    But no one has ever imitated the Grease!

  8. Mike Schwartz

    Maybe nobody ever imitated the Grease, but I always thought that Mancow Muller came close.

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