The Greaseman, WWDC-FM DC101 Washington | March 11, 1988

Its The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) in all his glory! This was recorded by Matt, owner of Big Apple Airchecks, who also recorded this aircheck of Grease on 3/30/88.

The topic du jour is teens who date older women – at least that’s how this starts out. Its quite amazing to hear what happens when the Greaseman gets wound up about a subject. Perhaps its the inflection in his voice. Greaseman is just too unique to describe, you must listen for yourself. Especially if you never heard him before.

Ol’ Grease got himself into a bit of trouble a few years back from what left his tongue, and unfortunately what’s left of his career was transmitting from WMET AM in Washington DC a few years back. That station’s web presence is gone now and we can only hope he has moved on to something better.

We support the Greaseman and hope he returns to major market radio one day. Till then, some of his best work you can hear right here!


  1. Daland Webb

    Unless his show is syndicated, The Greaseman now has the “Greasy Breakfast Show” on WWWV-FM, Charlottesville, VA

  2. Steven Green

    Wow, he is getting closer to West Virginia all the time.

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