October 18, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Jerry Williams Show. 1510 WMEX | April 11, 1961

  1. This is mind-blowing for ’61. I heard a lot about Jerry Williams, seeing as he was before my time, and it’s all good and true. Just one note…WUFC is still sports, although they do air Red Sox games in Spanish!

  2. they finally got the WMEX call letters back after a 40 year absence. but it sounds like pay-to-play radio with no recognizable talk “heavy hitters”. would be great if they went ’50s-’60s-’70s oldies with the ‘good guy’ jingles.

  3. I could listen to Jerry Williams all day. He was the best in timing, modulation, patience, impatience, “the clock”, and in the art of suffering fools. The author is right; no Jerry Williams then no Rush, no Beck, period.

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