The KT Morning Zoo, 104.7 WNOK-FM Columbia SC | 1985

104.7 Columbia, WNOK, WNOK-FM

Somewhere lost in the archives donated prior to 2006 was this gem, buried along with a few others. Here’s a short scope of the “KT Morning Zoo” on “Hot Hits” CHR formatted WNOK. Apparently, the morning show, at least, was simulcast on the AM side 1230 WNOK, the one clue being the live Top Hour ID.

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At just over 7 minutes in length, we don’t get to hear enough of this to determine all the characters in the morning show, but surely our listeners do. Please comment on what you know about WNOK in this era in the Comment section below!

104.7 Columbia, WNOK, WNOK-FM

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  1. Hi Steve,
    As the one that originally submitted the aircheck, I can fill in some of the details.

    First off, the name of the show was “The K-TEAM Morning Zoo” (I know, ANOTHER Morning Zoo, but this was the mid-80s after all. :>)).
    Leo Windham was the “head zookeeper” during this time was off on vacation at the time of the aircheck, so co-host Mark Plemmons stepped in to the lead roll while the late J.J. Jaxon (who was WNOK’s regular afternoon host at the time) co-hosted here. Mark Plemmons was also the station’s production director (And a damn creative one at that!). The bits heard on WNOK’s Zoo were VERY localized for Columbia and South Carolina. After WNOK, (I think) Mark went to work at several other stations in the market as a Production Director/Air Talent.

    J.J. Jaxon left WNOK shortly afterwards to get his real estate license, then resurface doing afternoons at a few other stations. He passed away a few years ago.

    Another air talent, Pandora Reynolds, would co-host with Leo and Mark (as well as handle new director duties), but I assume she is out on vacation on this aircheck as well. She later went to Classic Rock WRFX/Charlotte as an air talent and was the weekend producer for “John Boy & Billy’s” syndicated show back in the 1990s.

    WNOK’s rating were very good during this time. Although they were in double digits, it still doesn’t compare to the 20+ share the station had enjoyed in 1980 after it went to live personalities.


  2. Mark Plemmons

    HI all. This IS Mark Plemmons. I was touched to tears when listening to this aircheck. Thought those day were forever gone. My old buddy JJ Jaxon has gone on to the big studio in the sky, while I continue to wear the pointed wizards hat of production. Those WERE the days. The days , for a book, we had the number one rated morning show in the nation. Cuz we were just having fun. Do you remmember? If anyone has audio from those days PLEASE do let me know. Much Love to Leo Windham, Pandora Reynolds, JJ Jaxon, Rockin Robin, Scott Summers, Gary Thrills Mills, Gary David and a host of others.

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