The Real Don Steele, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | May 3, 1967

930 Los Angeles KHJ Boss Radio
The Real Don Steele KHJ Publicity photo

Another WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO appears below!

Five oh six KHJ Birthday Firebird Time on the Real Don Steele Show!...


Contributor Max Power sent this aircheck in. He wrote:

A radio friend of mine here in Santa Barbara just gave me this aircheck of The Real Don Steele from 3 May 1967. Naturally I thought to share with you and everyone that loves!

Perhaps the best original aircheck of the Real Don Steele we’ve yet received, Here’s RDS, ‘puking’, as they say through an entire show! You’ll have to ask a radio person what puking means as it relates to DJ patter in Top 40 radio! Steele was remarkably consistent in his style throughout his career. This really is typical of how he sounded on any given day in Boss-Angeles!


This was very obviously mastered from a reel of tape, not a cassette. It’s studio quality… but this is how KHJ sounded on an AM radio away from any power lines fairly close to the transmitter.


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