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103-5 WKTU “The Beat of New York”

This starts out in a commercial break, but after that it’s ALL Vic Latino! At the time of this aircheck, WKTU’s Dance incarnation at 103.5 FM was one of the top stations in New York City, a far cry from several years earlier, when 103.5 was home to the Country version of WYNY – a great sounding but struggling radio station.

Not to confuse out of town visitors, THIS WKTU is not the same radio station as the one which beat WABC for the first time in 1979, that was 92.3 WKTU, a Disco station which went mainstream CHR in the 80s before flipping to Alternative Rock as WXRK, and subsequently becoming the home for Howard Stern’s morning show. With 103.5 KTU, the call letters came full circle, as the station was intended to resurrect the legacy of the original Disco station, but with modern music.

Vic Latino is doing the Top 8 at 8, a very listener-oriented show, as there are lots of phones and even a guest Disc Jockey element. This is REALLY GOOD radio for its time, and you will truly enjoy Latino’s high energy level.

By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of and - All the BIG Hits!

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