770 WABC,New York WABC Rewound ’04: Bob Cruz, August 31, 1978

WABC Rewound ’04: Bob Cruz, August 31, 1978

Courtesy of Matt Seinberg at Big Apple Airchecks, here’s another ‘lost’ tape: From Rewound ’04, Hour 2 featured Bob Cruz during his program on 8/31/78. As host Johnny Donovan says, this segment is for those who love ‘lost 45s’. WABC played a lot of disco music at this point in time, but it begins with a Cruz intro to Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”

More archives restoral still to come at Airchexx.com!

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  1. I had read about Bob Cruz sounding like Dan Ingram. This is the first I heard him: frightening similarity. Sounds a bit like someone doing a great parody of Dan Ingram, but I suspect with a little effort he could fool most of the poeple most of the time.

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