WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 6

Back to December 19, 1974 and the George Michael show. Listen carefully and you might hear George miss hitting the post by a microsecond… as Johnny Donovan says, that’s the first time anyone ever heard that!

Musicradio 77 WABC


1 thought on “WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 6

  1. When I emigrated from England to the USA, I landed at JFK and got into a taxi. The driver had the radio on, tuned to WABC, of course, and I’ll never forget, the first ‘radio voice’ I heard was George Michael, a little after 6:00 pm, saying, “I’m gonna make you happy!” And he did! I was a devoted fan of WABC from that moment. I found out later that George was not completely happy at WABC and felt restricted in his involvement regarding the music the station aired, as he’d had more say-so on his previous job at WFIL. However, George was a real pro, and listeners would never guess that anything was troubling him. He was the perfect replacement for Cousin Brucie, in my opinion.

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