Month: April 2011

Jere Sullivan, 97.1 WYNY New York | 1980

Courtesy of Contributor Ray Bozzanca we have another classic from the old “New York 97” WYNY from it’s AC format at 97.1. There’s really no way to tell what the exact date is, but we know it’s from 1980. In sending this along, Ray had just written to describe what he recorded his airchecks on: Back in 1972 when I was still in high school,I bought a Dynaco FM 5 tuner kit form to do tape recordings from that time period.It had a fantastic sound being the fuss pot I was about audio quality back then.I had the choice of the AF 6 which was out by dynaco which was AM/FM.

Bobby Dale, 610 KFRC San Francisco | July, 1966

Here’s a real classic that somehow apparently isn’t posted somewhere else. Here’s The Big 610 from the early Drake years! This recording isn’t in the best shape after all these years but its a great audio time capsule. No news or any other elements, but lots of Johnny Mann KFRC jingles and plenty of mid-60’s Bay area commercials! Who knew that 45 years later, we’d be listening to Bobby Dale on KFRC!

Jim Collins, The Time Machine; 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987 11:00 am – 12 pm

Back to Contributor Frank Davis for an awesome hour of the WNBC Time Machine with the late Jim Collins. This features two full newscasts, one with NBC Network News, and two full sportscasts. Posted out-of-order once again, this is the early edition of the Top 66 of the 1960s, as the countdown would run, then repeat all weekend long.

Jim Collins, The Time Machine; 66 WNBC New York | 1987

Here’s an ultra-short scope of the late Jim Collins on an undated 1987 edition of the WNBC Time Machine!

Jack Scott, The Time Machine; 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987 7:30-8:30 PM

It’s more Time Machine more often! Here’s another segment of the Top 66 of the 1960s countdown with Jack Scott. This one sounds a little slow (which means the source tape was recorded a little bit faster than normal). So, yes, Jack Scott’s voice seems an octive lower (It’s not). There are more great PAMS re-sings, and true to the format, they happen after every record!

Jack Scott, Dan Taylor, The Time Machine; 66 WNBC New York | September 5, 1987 1:50-3:20 pm

Jack Scott and Larry Scott? Brothers? Or just brothers in air-names? Well, either way, here’s a talented radio performer who effortlessly rolls back the years to the 1960s. It’s Labor Day Weekend and this is the Top 66 of the 1960s countdown (part 1), which we’re posting out of order, as we find the tapes. You’ll hear the Jack Scott program for 2/3rds of this, then WNBC News, then Dan Taylor pick up where Jack Scott leaves off. Where else in radio could you hear an OLDIES show where the radio station itself sounds like a 1960s Top 40 station? Its a concept that your webmaster believes is what’s missing in today’s radio with it’s generic ‘oldies, er, “Classic Hits” stations, but I digress… Full newscasts, sports, weather, boa...

Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | May, 1969

While WABC was nearly always nicely polished, Bruce Morrow’s night show was, well, not quite as polished in it’s presentation. But Cousin Brucie’s personality more than any other, shone through brightly. So much so, that in 1969, Morrow was carrying about 66 percent of all listeners in New York at any given time 7-10 pm! With that accomplishment, Morrow could pretty much do whatever he wanted on the air. What he did, was be the warm and kind ‘cousin’ to the kids. Truly a friend on the radio that they listened to loyally, night after night. This tape is in bad shape, with a lot of drop outs and fades. But thanks to the historic nature of this show, it’s posting as is. Enjoy and Comment!

Larry Scott; The Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Larry Scott’s got the perfect radio ‘voice’, don’t you think? Every Time Machine program, WNBC seems to be airing a new, different PAMS jingle. Some are used frequently, such as the Chime jingle and the “Oh, the Weather’s On…” Jingle. Others seem to come out of nowhere. WABC in the 1960s ran hundreds of jingles from numerous packages in any given day even though at certain time periods they were promoting a certain set… the Music POW POW POWER! jingle set comes to mind in the late 60s – WABC aired the core POWER jingles, but the jocks frequently added other cuts from the different packages over the years. True to history, WNBC seemingly did the same thing. But one thing stayed the same, program after program for many years: The WN...

The Real Bob James, “The Time Machine”; 66 WNBC New York | June 9, 1988

From Frank Davis… Only a few months away from deletion, the WNBC Time Machine is still going strong. We join this aircheck inside a commercial break that ends with the news, then the NBC chime-Legal ID… which is a station promo/ID combo. The promo is for “The Rock & Roll Oldies Show” with Dick Bartley. The Top Hour promo/ID rotated with different promos each hour. This is something that WNBC had been doing for many years and always helped to make the station sound huge. There was one thing your webmaster noticed in the final two years with WNBC’s Time Machine – in many ways, they did the WABC music format of the 60s better than WABC did! From the reverb to the jingles to the jocks, everything flowed like a well oiled machine. There was more exciteme...

Jim Jeffrey & Rick Reinhardt, WAVE 970 Louisville | December 21, 1977 6pm – 12am

Recorded just before Christmas 1977, WAVE 970 is here an Adult Contemporary station that today no longer exists. There’s lots of news – NBC Network and local news by Mary McCarthy filling in for Tyler Cox and a later part of news with Norm West. The jocks are NOT part of a morning show, rather, its Jim Jeffrey first, then Rick Reinhardt. There are two jingle packages heard here. First, there’s one that I can’t identify… the “Happy Holiday to WAVE Country” jingle sounds fairly old. Then, there’s one from a WABC package from JAM. We know very little about this station, other than WAVE TV/HD 3 remains on the Television side these days. For listeners who remember this station, this might be a nice trip down memory lane, especially considering tha...

Dan Taylor; Weekend Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | September 12, 1987

Frank Davis sent us a lot of WNBC Time Machine recordings. Enough so that we might end up with the world’s largest collection of WNBC’s Weekend Time Machine! By 1987, Oldies had become the biggest music format on WNBC. Contemporary music by this time was confined to The Imus in the Morning Program. Ray Dariano had midday Oldies, and Alan Colmes had a mostly talk and variety program afternoons. There was still Sportsnight every evening, and the Overnight Time Machine occupied the 12 Midnight to 5:30 block weekdays. Beginning in January of ’87, The Time Machine expanded from weekday Overnights to include Weekends and Holidays. Somehow, WNBC always managed to have the best talent for all of its programs. The Oldies jocks were the best in the business and all moved on to othe...

Suitcase Simpson, WTAE “96 Kicks” Pittsburgh | January 31, 1977

This aircheck is somewhat confusing. The call letters are used at the top of the hour legal ID only. The station sometimes calls itself 96 KX, and other times 96 Kicks. And as if listeners weren’t confused enough, there’s a sweeper midway through using the slogan “Two Letter Radio – KX”. Boy, am I confused! If you’re not from Pittsburgh and haven’t yet listened to this aircheck, you might think that 96 Kicks is a Country station. Its not. Kicks is a Top 40 station, complete with sped up records and jingles (used infrequently). Suitcase Simpson is a typical Top 40 jock for 1977 – hits the ‘post’ every time and definitely has the ‘pipes’. He works the phones quite well, too, as you’ll notice toward the end of this ...

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