Jere Sullivan, 97.1 WYNY New York | 1980

Ray Bozzanca's Dynaco FM 5 Receiver
Courtesy of Contributor Ray Bozzanca we have another classic from the old “New York 97” WYNY from it’s AC format at 97.1. There’s really no way to tell what the exact date is, but we know it’s from 1980. In sending this along, Ray had just written to describe what he recorded his airchecks on:

Back in 1972 when I was still in high school,I bought a Dynaco FM 5 tuner kit form to do tape recordings from that time period.It had a fantastic sound being the fuss pot I was about audio quality back then.I had the choice of the AF 6 which was out by dynaco which was AM/FM.


  1. Tony

    All music … all the time.

    Music intensive.

    No personality.

    It’s an aircheck, but hardly a classic.


    • Well Tony, yes, its music intensive, but the station is long gone, the songs were all excellent choices and even that soft format isn’t done that way any longer. Delilah today bores me, but that doesn’t lessen her impact on radio. So, in many respects, historically, this is a classic.

  2. Tony

    Talks over the beginning of the Doobie Brothers song for no reason.

    Aircheck is of good quality.

    The aircheck is probably from early 1980 since the movie referred to on the aircheck is “Tribute” which was released in December 1980.

    Almost sounds automated. Just not much of interest. This station just underwhelmes me.


  3. Paul Ford

    I enjoyed this rather mellow NY aircheck.
    The song samples were good and the quality was very good.
    I especially liked the Beatles sample near the end of the first minute….thanks for posting Steve.

  4. Nick

    Not to disparage Ray, but based on otherrecordings I haveheard from him, I believe his original intent was to showcase the music, rather than the jocks (the edits give it away) so we don’t have an accurate indication of how much personality he had. That said, he does seem a bit stiff IMO. The “New York-97” moniker had been around for about a year priorto these airchecks (remember there’s a Randy Place aircheck in the middle of this). When New York-97 began, it was an MOR station with a lot of personality and features. By this point in the Spring of 1980, the playlist and formatics had significantly tightened. I don’t think Pete Salant had arrived yet.

  5. As a huge AC fan, it’s always nice to hear how it was done back in the day. Hopefully I can get people to pull off that sound on Merge98FM. How much do VT’ers go for anyway?

    • Nick, Ray wasn’t trying to showcase the music, he was illustrating (to me) the warm characteristics of his Dynaco receiver. The aircheck was entirely my idea. As to the qualities of Jere Sullivan, he worked within the constraints of the format at the time. Stiff? Perhaps, but Sullivan sounds very young in this aircheck and I’m sure if I had another of him elsewhere he’d sound much different. WYNY sure did change from the previous year. Remember, there’s an aircheck here of Dick Summer’s “Ear vs Mouth’ segment… and before I email Pete Salant, I’ll make a guess that you’re right he hadn’t arrived yet.

  6. Nick Sarames

    Yeah I assumed you did the scoping. While you’re right about Sullivan working within the constraints of the format, I would suggest comparing him to the likes of Al Bernstein who was doing midd-days. Some jocks just do a better job at handling liner -card sound better than others. I no longer remember, but I would bet that Johnny Dark was one of the best at handling Bob Pitman’s vision at WNBC. Being a great jock isn’t only having a lot to say, it’s about selling the format.

  7. Great to hear a WYNY aircheck that’s new to my ears….they had the BEST audio chain on the FM band hands down…you can hear it on almost any aircheck from post 1979…. the jingles are classic…..the sound is all it’s own…but this radio personality is not a number one choice of mine…I could have done a much better job !!

  8. Robert Bozzanca



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