Month: July 2011

Batt Johnson, Smooth Jazz “CD-101.9” WQCD New York | June 29, 2006 6:00-8:05 am

Sitting in for Dennis Quinn this particular morning is veteran jock Batt Johnson (WRVR/WKHK/WNBC/WYNY) who sounds like he was born to do Smooth Jazz! Armed with a working knowledge of the acts and even friendship with many of the artists, Johnson truly sounds great on CD 101.9. There was something about the Smooth Jazz format – most, at some point in the 2000’s, identified themselves as ‘your Trip-A-Day Station’. Continental Airlines must have done promotions with virtually all the major and medium market Smooth Jazz outlets around the U.S. – your webmaster spent two years on air at WJZN Memphis and we had the EXACT same prmomotion and slogan! It could be said, however, that WQCD was THE Smooth Jazz station to follow in the industry. Nearly all other stations ...

Rock 101-9 WRXP New York: Farewell, Part 1 – The Rock Show with Steve Craig | July 14, 2011

After a year spent attempting an FM News format, Rock is back in New York City on 101.9. When it ended back in 2011, we posted this to commemorate the end of what was then known as WRXP – “The Rock Experience” The history of 101.9 dates back a long time, to 1948 to be exact. The first call letters were WGHF. It wouldn’t be until 1963 that 101.9 FM would adopt the WPIX-FM call letters, and from then on, it was a rotating wheel of different formats. It seemed that WPIX could never figure out just what it wanted to become, although it could be argued that the station was loosely defined as a Top 40 station for much of the years between 1965 through 1985, though at times it was distinctly Disco, AOR, Soft Rock, Soft Oldies and even for a time, a ground breaking Punk Roc...

Dude Walker, WRQX “MusicRadio” Q107 Washington DC | April 27, 1979

The hot phrase in Top 40 radio at the end of the 70s had to be MusicRadio. At this point in it’s history, 107.3 FM in Washington DC was Top 40 as WRQX. Known as “Q107”, the air staff called it at times, “The New Q107”, “MusicRadio Q107” or just “Q107”. Despite the three rotating monnikers, it worked and Q107 became a very successful Top 40/CHR station as the station subsequently moved into the 1980s. This is a great recording of Dude Walker, who is right in the middle of a very LONG commercial-free set (going on three hours commercial free by the end of this aircheck). This means that without any jingles or commercials, its ALL Dude Walker and a stack of teeny bopper records! Neatly scoped from one hour down to just over six minutes by ...

Derrick Anderson, 99 WNOX (990 AM) Knoxville | July, 1979

Listening to this certainly brings back memories – not of WNOX, but of the days of AM radio in the Summertime. This aircheck will either bring back the sound and smell of an approaching Summer storm (hence the lightning static crashes on the aircheck), or it’ll remind you why you decided to listen to FM. Derrick Anderson himself contributed this aircheck, for which we’re grateful. We’ve gotten many favorable comments about this since it posted in the Summer of ’02. Your webmaster learned, WNOX actually had a great signal along the southern Appalacians, Kentucky and even southern Ohio. Now, listen to it again as we restore WNOX to the Airchexx Archives!

Lohman & Barkley, 64 KFI Los Angeles | October 18, 1976

Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks… Here’s our first recording of the legendary Al Lohman and Roger Barkley of KFI. Here, they are featured essentially at the height of their approximately 30 year reign as one of the most popular morning teams in Los Angeles radio history. Being that your webmaster is from the East Coast and not familiar with Lohman & Barkley except of their reputation, I’m sure that others have important things to say about this program and what it meant to them – and so I’ll leave it to our visitors to comment. Listen for plenty of News, Traffic… and those dreaded commercials that everyone loves to hate. Included here to preserve the historic nature of Lohman & Barkley on 64 KFI from 1976!

KFMB-FM “B-100” San Diego – A Year of Better Boogie | April 9-13, 1976

Description by Contributor Mal Vincent: KFMB-FM San Diego aired a Beautiful Music format during the 1960s thru the early 1970s. In March of 1976, the format changed to Top 40. This aircheck is the KFMB-FM, (B-100) One-Year Anniversary celebration of airing “Better Boogie”. For 100 hours (April 9 thru April 13), the station ran commercial free. If you’re a west coast radio fan, you’ll hear many familiar names in their on-air line up. This aircheck is a flashback to the days when radio listening was fun! B-100 had the finest and zaniest band of DJs ever comprised. As of 2010, KFMB-FM is “Jack-FM” 100.7 FM

Jim Horne, WPIX 102 (101.9) New York | January 1, 1973

Restored from a muddy cassette recorded on New Year’s Day, 1973, here’s Jim Horne doing a countdown of the top ten songs from the previous year 1972. Its surprising that this tape held up at all over the years, but it was stored in a good place by contributor Frank Davis.

Mason & Sheehan, WXCR Classic Rock 102.3 Albany NY | July 1998

Description by Contributor Mike Hotaling: I found about 5 minutes or so of Mason and Sheehan on the end of one of my tapes in that big box in my closet. Albany area folks will remember them as the long time morning team on WPYX (PYX-106). This was them on WXCR which they came over to in the late 90’s. I think how I caught this is because I forgot to take the tape out of the skimmer the night before!

Tanner In The Morning, 97 WASH-FM Washington DC | September 1, 1983

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, this is a near perfect recording of Soft AC WASH-FM. There is far more news and information on this program than music, making this format closer to ‘Full Service’ than anything else. There are two full newscasts here, the first starting a minute into this aircheck. Traffic reports are live via helicopter sponsored by WNJ Sloan. There is a morning topic – Tanner is taking calls based upon the morning commentary about Washington ‘street people’, and these calls sound like they are being aired live as opposed to pre-recorded. There are two full sportscasts done by Joe Zanga. WASH-FM is using AccuWeather, and Elliot Abrams sounds quite young here in 1983! He’s still with AccuWeather as of this writing.

Mike Frasier, 98 “The Hot FM” WCAU-FM Philadelphia | July 27, 1987

Call this “Diary of a Confused CHR Station”. WCAU-FM is in the waning days of its contemporary music format, and obviously at a crossroads as to which way to go, musically. The station leans very rhythmic, and while the jocks are now calling this “98 The Hot FM” in their live banter, all the imaging still says 98 WCAU-FM. In editing this for presentation, I had to wonder, if CBS had not decided to take the station Oldies in November ’87, would WCAU-FM have simply gone Urban or Dance oriented in order to separate itself from its closest format competitor, WEGX “Eagle 106? A moot point, to be sure but it brings up some interesting questions for discussion (below). Here is Mike Frasier (Frazier?) has studio jock duties while Glen Colina is on location at Ve...

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