Month: November 2012

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy 2012 – Part 4 – WCBS Newsradio 880 New York | October 29, 2012

Recorded by Webmaster Steve West… Continuing our weekly analysis of radio coverage of ‘Superstorm’ Sandy, here’s another segment of coverage on WCBS 880. Pausing for a moment, we’d like to dedicate this portion of coverage to the team of meteorologists who spent days sweating over weather maps and tried, successfully, to persuede authorities to take this storm seriously in the face of so many who say weathermen hype up storms that don’t always live up to their billing. In particular, the team at the Weather Channel (although I’m not terribly happy with NBC Universal for dismantling the 24/7 weather engine this channel was in favor of mildly interesting shows like Ice Road Truckers, etc… shows surrounded by weather updates), and in particular,...

Greg Peters, 104.5 WRVR Memphis | 1998

Recorded on a “Solid Gold Sunday”, Greg Peters plays all Oldies from the 60s & 70s. It’s Father’s Day, although we can’t quite guess the year this was recorded. About halfway through this tape (side 2, actually), you get to hear the regular format of AC “The River 104 FM”. Because this came directly out of the station skimmer tape machine, there are all sorts of things I can’t fix for presentation, although I tried to take some of the pauses and clips out until it became apparent that no amount of editing was going to restore the parts of station jingles that got cut off when the mic was shut off in the studio – that’s the nature of a skimmer tape machine, it records when the studio mic goes on, only. So, polished this is not...

Steve Chick, WGY-FM “Electric 99” | November, 1988

Around 1982 or 83, WGY-FM was a CHR station that quite suddenly appeared as a new Capital Region top 40 station known as “Electric 99”. The station entered a hit music race largely dominated by WFLY 92.3, which was the FM sister station of former Top 40 giant 1540 WPTR. This aircheck was made towards the end of the station’s days as WGY-FM, as 99.5 would change call letters to WGFM very shortly after this recording was made. The on air name would also change from Electric 99 to WGFM concurrently. This would last until March of 1994, when the CHR era ended, as 99.5 flipped to AAA as WRVE, “The River”, a format that continues as of this writing. In a twist of irony that could only happen in today’s corporate dominated radio business, 103.1 FM is NOW WGY-FM...

Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | April 2, 1979

As part of our celebration of the 50th anniversary of WABC’s format change to Top 40 full time, here’s Chuck Leonard as heard on his show on 4/2/79. This is another high quality original recording thanks to Big Apple Airchecks. Leonard is in top form, as the final year of true Top 40 rolls on through the Disco era at WABC. Check out the original commercials, included!

Chuck Leonard, 77 WABC New York | August 31, 1978

Here’s an hour long treat for WABC Music Radio 77 fans! I’ve no idea how this was recorded but it sounds suspiciously like it was taken right off the WABC studio console. The audio quality is the best I’ve ever heard! Sped up records (well, carts, as WABC had all carted music by 1978), lots of disco hits and thundering reverb! Chuck Leonard is all wound up and rockin’ out here on a warm Summer night. Its the perfect time to hear something NEW, from MusicRadio 77! Courtesy of

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy, 2012 – Part 3 – N/T 960 WELI//WKCI-FM HD2 New Haven | October 29, 2012

Each week in November, we’re featuring radio’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy. Here in Part 3, we’re listening to the Vinny Penn Project, the morning show on WELI New Haven. I actually made two recordings of WELI, this one, using my Sony HD receiver which was picking up WELI in HD (thus, the grainy sounding 96kb digital signal) as is the norm here, about 15 miles from the WELI transmitter. The other recording was ‘in progress’ from the simulcast of WELI on the main FM carrier of CHR WKCI-FM “KC-101” when the power went out and I lost the entire recording at about 3:30 pm as Hurricane Sandy’s full fury began to be felt in our region. WELI is mostly in-format here, in a recording that was made sometime around 10:30 AM. Penn stayed on the air on WE...

“Huggy Boy” (Dick Hugg), 1st Show, KRTH Los Angeles | December 4, 1998

The late Dick Hugg, better known to his listeners as “Huggy Boy”, is captured here at the start of his first show on the legendary K-Earth 101! Hugg was known not only as an early and heavy influence in promoting Do-Wop music, but he heavily influenced 60s & 70s Latino (Chicano) artists. He had his own music label, Caddy Records. He even had his own Television show! Hugg was best known, however, as a disc jockey. Starting in 1951 on KRKD, he blew through most of the major radio stations in the L.A. area finishing with this gig here on K-Earth 101. At first listen, you wouldn’t think this was a man who had spent most of the previous 47 years on the air. He gets off to a rough start, blowing the Top Hour Kickoff… but after a while, you get the sense that this man...

WOKE Charleston SC | Sometime 1980’s

Here’s a rare aircheck of Standards WOKE Charleston SC. I remember hearing the station when I was stationed there in the early 90s during my Naval service, and remember this sounding like a relic from my grandfather’s era! Not much I can say about this one, just a few minutes of programming and some unique jingles (for you jingle freaks take a listen).

Johnny Driscoll, WCFL Chicago | 1974

Enter John Driscoll (Jock, Consultant & Airchexx Contributor). Talk about HIGH ENERGY! Driscoll easily gives John Records Landecker over at crosstown WLS a run for his money. This is 1974. WCFL was owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor. I always thought it interesting that a labor union could own a radio station. Actually, WCFL had a very storied history promoting blue collar workers in Chicago going back to the 1940s, but that’s another story. By the time the 1960s & 70s came along, WCFL was solidly onboard the Top 40 train.

Storm Coverage: Hurricane Sandy, 2012 – Part 2, Various Stations (CT/NY) | October 28, 2012 – 7-8 AM

Running 33 minutes, here’s part two of our coverage of Hurricane Sandy recorded on Monday morning, 8-10 hours before landfall. The reason for recording this, was to document radio’s coverage and response to a major emergency. The only editing of this recording done was to remove most of the commercials and music, where it was played. Note the tone of each broadcaster, and content of each station this particular morning. Before the storm’s effects were fully felt, the Tri-State region was already in lockdown, Connecticut’s governor had already closed all roads in the state, and New York City was already beginning to see flooding in Lower Manhattan. And still, listening to this recording, note that aside from WTIC and WINS, other stations were mentioning Sandy, but ba...

Composite: KNUS Dallas | 1979

New Contributor Karl Ireland sent in some truly fascinating material for your listening pleasure. Here’s an un-dated station promotional composite of “FM 99” KNUS. Based upon the music, I’m guessing this is from Spring, 1979. Who’s the narrator? Listen to the voice very carefully and see if you can answer. This follows one broadcast day from Morning Drive through the end of the night.

Wayne Moss, 1480 WABB Mobile AL | April, 1964

Contributor Mike Raub sent us this incredible recording! WABB was doing Top 40 in 1964 with lots of reverb and personality! Wayne Moss is filling in the morning show for normal show host Wayne Dean. Not sure if this was standard at WABB, but the jock acts as Newsman and apparently voices everything. Listen as Boss pauses often (rather than stumble over his words), making sure to get pronunciations right. The reverb is used ad-nausea during the newscast, turned all the way up when they announce what community a particular story is from. This is mainly a recording of the news, but we do get to hear some in-format stuff.