Greg Peters, 104.5 WRVR Memphis | 1998

104.5 FM Memphis WRVR Mike & Mandy Kay Manley Bill Bannister Greg Peters

Recorded on a “Solid Gold Sunday”, Greg Peters plays all Oldies from the 60s & 70s. It’s Father’s Day, although we can’t quite guess the year this was recorded. About halfway through this tape (side 2, actually), you get to hear the regular format of AC “The River 104 FM”.

Because this came directly out of the station skimmer tape machine, there are all sorts of things I can’t fix for presentation, although I tried to take some of the pauses and clips out until it became apparent that no amount of editing was going to restore the parts of station jingles that got cut off when the mic was shut off in the studio – that’s the nature of a skimmer tape machine, it records when the studio mic goes on, only. So, polished this is not, however you do get a feel for what WRVR sounded like during the late 1990s. Family friendly was the station motto, and it WAS, to the extent that songs with ‘offensive’ lyrics were not played. If this sounds wierd to you, understand the niche that WRVR had. An AC station, run by an Ops manager who understood that Memphis was at the western end of the Bible belt, and it’s audience was filled with church goers. Joel Burke was Ops Manager at the time, Kay Manley was PD. Kay’s been at WGKX for about 10 years now as a GREAT on air talent!

Now, enjoy this slice of the VERY soft AC, WRVR 104.5 FM Memphis!

104.5 FM Memphis WRVR Mike & Mandy Kay Manley Bill Bannister Greg Peters


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