Month: June 2013

A Sample of 94.9 WHOM Mt. Washington | 1998

A bit of Dx’ing one day netted this monster signalled station eminating from the top of Mt. Washington NH. With a signal that spans an area from Maine to southern Quebec in Canada, through Northern and Central Vermont, New Hampshire and even Central Massachusetts, WHOM has the signal to be THE regional powerhouse. For many years, WHOM broadcast Beautiful Music from a transmitter inaccessible for several months each Winter. It is microwaved from studios in Laconia NH, off interstate 93. This particular day, there was a bit of tropo enhancement. This was found on the same tape containing the brief MicroChexx of 100.7 WZLX Boston.

Minneapolis CHR WARS 2: Kelly Foxx on 99.5 WLOL

In our first WLOL glimpse of this CHR WARS presentation, we heard Bill Lee from 1985. Now, fast forward a couple of years to about 1988. WLOL is now 99 POINT 5, instead of 99 and a half. Whoopee, I know that makes so little sense, but what does in the world of radio? Never mind that if someone was on the ball today, WLOL, the LOL part being a cyber-acronym for LAUGH OUT LOUD, or LOTS OF LAUGHS…well, you get the picture. This is Kelly Foxx on WLOL – maybe not a ton of laughs but certainly lots of fun and great music from the decade of greed and excess (talk about mis-labelled…. nobody had a crystal ball to see the greed of the 2000s, now, did they?), as we continue our trip back to the 1980s and two very LARGE CHR stations, very much at war! Another, courtesy of Robyn Watt...

Minneapolis CHR WARS 2: Steve Cochran on 101.3 KDWB

Maybe this should be called morning CHR Wars! Steve Cochran is heard sounding great here. Get some coffee, sit down and listen to about 17 minutes of KDWB as we continue with the second edition of Minneapolis CHR WARS from Robyn Watts!

Bobby Wilde, 101.3 KDWB Minneapolis | 1990

This entire CHR WARS presentation in its many parts is all recordings from the 1980s. Here’s Bobby Wilde on KDWB!

Chip Binder, 1220 WGAR Cleveland | 1979

This was emailed in a few weeks ago from Joy Binder! Chip Binder did overnights for a time on WGAR, but frankly, he’s so good I would have thought he was doing morning drive! Here’s “Musicradio 1220” in fine late-70s form, complete with reverb (just a touch) and a set of JAM WABC jingles to compliment the hits of the day. Unfortunately, even if this were unscoped, you wouldn’t hear much in the way of music since this 10 minutes of extremely crisp audio consist mainly of Chip and a couple of long, complete stopsets…. still, listen for the commercials, and realize that 1979 was a very LONG time ago indeed!

MicroChexx: A Sample of 100.7 WZLX Boston

Found on an unlabeled tape that I believe was recorded from the town of Tully, Massachusetts using an FM Beam antenna sometime in 1998, here is a very short, noisy scope of 100.7 WZLX. There’s not much I can tell you about this except there was a bit of Tropo enhancement, and my Radio DX’ing hobby was still in full swing back then. Thus, the occasion for taping bits and pieces of the FM dial that morning. The jock sounds like Bradley Jay (WBCN), but I can’t confirm that. The theme for this particular day on WZLX is “Ten Best Tuesday”. So we know this was recorded on a Tuesday. This day, WZLX picked the ten best Weather Songs. I like the theme and wish we had more than four samples to listen to.

Gary McKee on WQXI Atlanta | 1974-1976 Part 2

Part two of this fantastic exhibit is yet another 45 minute scoped presentation, with more McKee silliness and morning laughter. But…. McKee is on vacation! And, who is the sidekick? We’re sure our visitors know quite well. Our statistics show that Gary McKee and WQXI are our most-streamed airchecks, so listen now and find out why!

Gary McKee, 790 WQXI Atlanta | 1974-1976

Now, as promised, Morning guru Gary McKee on 79 WQXI! This comes to us courtesy of new Contributor Lewis Cosby. Lewis is the President and GM of WMAK TV 7 Knoxville and was kind enough to send us a couple of CD’s worth of the legendary morning man himself. Apologies to all for the delay, we had an FTP problem with our server that prohibited us from uploading for a few days.

Dick Summer & the Nightlite Show, WBZ Radio 103 Boston | August, 1964

Now, from the 50kw Boston blowtorch reaching 38 states, Dick Summer‘s legendary night show on mid-60s WBZ! The history of WBZ is a long, storied one reaching back to the beginnings of commercial broadcasting. Only the second licensed station in the US (although not in it’s inevitable form), WBZ was generally a pop station, first in the golden age of radio (pop in the respect that it ran the popular programs and music of the day, having been a part of the NBC ‘Red’ network in the 40s), and later, as Boston’s second top 40 station, lasting until 1966. Smack in the middle of WBZ’s top 40 era was Dick Summer. He ruled the nighttime airwaves in Boston and all up and down the eastern seaboard until the station shifted to nighttime talk in the late 60s. Summer&...

Snapshot: WLDI “Wild 95.5” West Palm Beach | March 27, 2004

“The Palm Beaches Hit Music Station” – Wild 95-5! The slogan that gets repeated over and over and over. But isn’t that the whole idea? This is CHR radio for West Palm Beach and the whole South Florida Coast. Its NOT all Hip Hop and R&B, as Alternative and Pop are represented quite well in this 8 and a half minute webmaster-scoped composite of one jock who never says his name. Featuring lots of mega-produced sweepers, Wild 95-5 is tight, but really sounds pretty much like every other CHR across America, and in this corporate controlled industry, even in 2004, isn’t that ALSO the point? Somebody really likes this aircheck. Listen for yourself.

Pete Stevens, 104.5 WXLO Fitchburg/Worcester Ma. | May 10, 1998

The similarities between WBMX “Mix 98.5” Boston and 104.5 WXLO out in suburban (Fitchburg) Worcester were striking. Both stations were Hot AC formatted, with the same blend of soft alternative, pop and 80s/90s gold music, and virtually the same on air approach. WXLO was consulted, at least for the second half of the 1980s and early 90s, by Jay Williams (WMAS-FM Springfield). It SOUNDS like Williams’ handiwork here in this 1998 scope of WXLO featuring Pete Stevens. Notice the outstanding imaging, and live elements. This was a station that until the early 2000’s, utilized CD and tape Carts out of state-of-the-art studios in the Worcester Center Galleria Mall. Actually, I’m not quite sure if they were in the Mall in ’98 or if they moved. Somebody knows. Her...

Chicago CHR Wars 2 – “B96” WBBM-FM, “Z95” WYTZ & “Q101” WKQX | 1991

Part 2 of Robyn Watts‘ enormous contribution features the three hit music stations that Chicago sported as the 90s began. This is ALL CHR, and only ONE of these stations is still around in the same form it was back in 1990. The way this was put together, we get a couple of minutes with each station, then a ‘divider’ element, and on to the next. It goes round and round with each station sampled several times during this more than 30 minute scope. Q101 features ‘Your Man Calahan”. WKQX is more AC sounding and most likely is a HotAC station in reality than CHR, but the tape came in labelled “CHR Wars” so we’ll go with it. Brant Miller is Z95’s featured jock on the front of this composite and he sounds SO much like anything did on the old W...

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