Chip Binder, 1220 WGAR Cleveland | 1979

1220 Cleveland WGAR

This was emailed in a few weeks ago from Joy Binder! Chip Binder did overnights for a time on WGAR, but frankly, he’s so good I would have thought he was doing morning drive!

Here’s “Musicradio 1220” in fine late-70s form, complete with reverb (just a touch) and a set of JAM WABC jingles to compliment the hits of the day. Unfortunately, even if this were unscoped, you wouldn’t hear much in the way of music since this 10 minutes of extremely crisp audio consist mainly of Chip and a couple of long, complete stopsets…. still, listen for the commercials, and realize that 1979 was a very LONG time ago indeed!

1220 WGAR


  1. As a young 19 year old morning guy in an around Northwest Pennsylvania in 1978-1979, I remember many mornings on my way to work tuning in Chip Binder. Thanks for a trip back down memory lane!

  2. Dan O'Shannon

    The date for the above aircheck is December 12, 1979. I have quite a few WGAR airchecks from the 70’s and early 80’s. If anyone’s looking to trade or if they have any old cleveland memorabilia, please email me at



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