Month: July 2013

Lee Michaels, 98.7 WNYZ Syracuse (Ithaca) – Undated

Contributor Mike Hotaling (WXCR, WQBK) is featured here on the All-New Z-98.7 as Lee Michaels. Here’s a Classic Hits station that sounds very much like a 90s incarnation, but we don’t have a date to go with the tape. This is from the Syracuse market. Upstate New York had some great radio stations over the years, many of those on the AM band Mike has a lot of memories of this market and the Albany market where he spent many years on the radio. Your comments are highly appreciated! > 98.7 is licensed to Ithaca NY and today has the call letters WLZW

Gary McKee on 79 WQXI Atlanta – Full Morning Show | 1972

More McKee fun! Here’s one complete, scoped morning show from sometime in ’72. This is courtesy of our old site pal Karl Phillips (and we thank him greatly!). Transferred directly from 7 1/4 inch reel played on an old Wollensack graciously loaned out to us by my good friend, voiceover guy Jack Parnell, this aircheck is presented in unbelievable, stunning audio quality! It runs 58 minutes, and while there are pauses in the recording, this is so good I decided to leave this recording completely untouched by processing and digital splicing. Just listen, and see why both Gary McKee and WQXI are our most searched and played selections!

Gary McKee on 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1973

WQXI kick the can time…… 8:47 Aaaah for the days of AM top 40! Check out Gary McKee on WQXI. McKee claims to be the ‘mouth of the South’… a description Rick Dees would use later at WHBQ. Anyway, it was time for something totally different, and for those who’ve requested WQXI – this one’s for you.

Don Cox on 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1972

It’s the natural progression of the WQXI broadcast day – Don Cox following Gary McKee on WQXI! Actually, it was next up on the same reel containing Mr. McKee from the same day. More great audio quality, but a few splices from me because for some reason, the person recording decided not to tightly scope this one as was the case for the McKee portion of the tape. No matter, this is great, albeit short. More Quicksie for the fans!

QuickChexx: KMPZ-FM Z98 Memphis | January 17, 1989

This is just about the shortest aircheck on the site, but we’ve added it because there is no audio that we can find anywhere from this era of 98.1 FM in Memphis. Contributed by Henry Nelson, PD of WRBO Memphis in a box of what he termed ‘junk’ (one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…), this will bring back memories to a few Memphians who may remember. From what we can gather, this station originally had its transmitter on the west side of the Mississippi River (thus, the ‘K’ call) prior to its sale to Barnstable broadcasting in the 90s One other interesting point: 98.1 FM has had numerous format changes over the years, this CHR incarnation just one of many formats, including Oldies, Classic Hits and others. This station is currently owned b...

Donnie Simpson, 93.9 WKYS Washington

The beginnings of format fragmentation. The end of traditional Top 40. Whatever you call it, this is how it sounded when Disco stations popped up all over the country. This is an interesting sounding station. Apparently from 1978, or so we’d guess, 93-KYS calls itself the all disco station, but the playlist is not exclusively disco. You’ll hear a portion of “Love Won’t Let me Wait” by Major Harris… that’s a bit slow for this format… and you’ll also hear KC & The Sunshine Band and a few mainstream disco crossovers in this format. Overall, it sounds good, but your webmaster remembers when Ritchie Balsbaugh launched WXKS-FM (Kiss 108) in Boston back in late ’78, and there wasn’t a slow song in rotation at that station. Als...

QuickChexx: Hawk Harrison, WYHY Nashville | 1992 (approx)

Coming to you via the fabulously enormous Contributor Robyn Watts collection, here’s a selection from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #32 entitled “Hot Night Jocks”. Hawk Harrison is no Coyote McCloud, but definitely cuts it as a hot night jock on one of the nation’s most notorious CHR stations – made so in no small part thanks to the efforts of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, who called on ownership to pull the plug on the station and advertisers to stay away. Eventually, to a degree, it worked, as Y107 would change to AAA as “The River” – a format that continues to this day. Its another teaser aircheck at just under 5 minutes in length… with more to come shortly from Robyn Watts!

QuickChexx: Dan Ingram, 92.1 WKTU New York | January, 1985

Where does the greatest DJ of all time go when the greatest AM Top 40 of all time drops its format? Why, to the station that caused it’s demise, of course! Granted, the station that finally knocked MusicRadio 77 WABC off it’s Number one perch was a Disco station at the time, but 92-KTU had moved solidly into the mainstream by 1985, and was in the fight of its life to remain in the world of Pop music. No station was going to win that fight with crosstown, three year old WHTZ Z100, and WKTU would end up flipping to Active Rock WXRK. But in 1985, Dan Ingram was at KTU, bringing along the Honored Group of The Day and an acerbic wit that nobody could match – and still can’t! At only three minutes in length, this is more of a teaser. You’ll surely be left wanting mo...

Jim Randall, Afternoon Drive, WMZQ Washington | 1978

Guessing here on the exact year of this aircheck, here’s an interesting look at a station which, were it not for all the Country music, would simply be a great MOR station. If one of our listeners can nail down an exact date, I’ll edit this post appropriately. Notables: You’ll hear a newscast at 6pm with Dianne Kepley (where did she go from here?), a 98-MZQ Editorial with GM Mike Cohen (when was the last time you heard a station do that?) called “What’s Bugging Us?”, and a full length classic commercial for the Bank of Maryland. Hearing “We’re the Bank” sung over and over becomes irritating but, it’s only a one-minute spot! One thing of note to our listeners. Second song into this aircheck, the song is garbled and unreadable…...

Composite: WHTZ Z100 New York, 1985-1993

From the world’s best Aircheck site, here’s a composite of the greatest hit music station of all time! Sorry kiddies, WABC may have been first and fantastic, but Z100 was and still is the hottest station on the planet. The greatest jingles from Jam, a fantastic Top Hour ID from Ernie Anderson, and personalities like Chio the Hitman, Kid Kelly, the Jammer and MORE! So much has been written about Z100, so many airchecks have been recorded, it would be somewhat pointless to go into the storied history of the station that went from worst to first in it’s very first ratings period. But in 1983, a Beautiful Music station on 100.3, WVNJ, flipped to Contemporary Hit Radio. And the format formerly known as Top 40 was never the same. Courtesy of our friends at

Steve Wayne for Lou Katz on 1260 WWDC Washington

Here’s a short look at the AM side of WWDC from approximately the mid-1970s. While the exact date is unknown (we’ve had good luck with listeners doing research of their own for us – so have at it and post it in the ‘comments’ section below, if you wish), we think this is from a time when there were just two Top 40 AM stations in the nation’s Capitol. The other was the more recognizable WPGC. This was apparently an ABC O&O station, featuring news from the “American Contemporary Radio” network, and jocks like Lou Katz and Jack Casey. You’ll hear a promotion for the WWDC ‘Something Special’ contest, a few full length commercials and part of a network newscast.

Rick Mitchell – Last show on Musicradio 98 WTRY Troy, NY | February 16, 1979

According to Frank Izzo, the contributor of this aircheck, Mitchell had the #1 morning show in the Capitol District for four years. Now, this is his final show. It’s GREAT AM Top 40, complete with TM (c) Fusion jingles and all!