QuickChexx: KMPZ-FM Z98 Memphis | January 17, 1989

This is just about the shortest aircheck on the site, but we’ve added it because there is no audio that we can find anywhere from this era of 98.1 FM in Memphis. Contributed by Henry Nelson, PD of WRBO Memphis in a box of what he termed ‘junk’ (one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…), this will bring back memories to a few Memphians who may remember.

From what we can gather, this station originally had its transmitter on the west side of the Mississippi River (thus, the ‘K’ call) prior to its sale to Barnstable broadcasting in the 90s One other interesting point: 98.1 FM has had numerous format changes over the years, this CHR incarnation just one of many formats, including Oldies, Classic Hits and others.

This station is currently owned by Cumulus, and known as Classic Rocker “98-1 The Max”

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  1. Rob Grayson

    The original COL was Osceola, AR, hence the “K”

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