As with any website, public use of this forum requires a set of accepted and unaccepted behaviors in order that the site may conduct business for the benefit of all. Thus, we have a few simple rules of the road that we must ask our site visitors to adhere to at all times.

The following activites are prohibited at

1. You may not link to the actual audio files found on our servers. You may link to a presentation page.

2. This is very important. posts ONLY ‘telescoped’ airchecks. You will not find music (full length songs, as defined by U.S. Copyright law) or any content that we believe (as of the time of this writing) violates the DMCA of the United States of America, the country in which’s servers reside. Accordingly, you agree that by using in any mannor, that you will not record in any way, any of the audio found at Audio airchecks are intended to be played from this website within an embedded player. Furthermore, you shall not sell any audio illegally obtained from this site in any forum. We claim a copyright on every audio piece which can be played from within this website. Piracy is an ugly thing. We respect the music rights of artists by not presenting their works (and if we ever do, we will pay them for it). We expect the audience to respect OUR rights.

3. Visitors are allowed to comment on each particular aircheck which we have presented on via a form at the bottom of the aircheck’s presentation page. Visitors who choose to comment on a particular aircheck agree to refrain from personal attacks and comments shall be relative to the recording or radio station presented. Foul language and vulgarity shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

4. Visitors MAY include a link to their personal blog, or social media page, PROVIDING that the link is not a direct competitor to We reserve the right to allow or remove such links at our own discretion. Furthermore, we reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments posted on this site for any or no reason whatsoever. Remember that opinions posted on are public and find their way to the various search engines, and by writing here, you take full and complete responsibility for your own comments.

5. shall assume no liability whatsoever by the use or misuse of this website. Users do so at their own risk.

6. CYBER ATTACKS – The mere mention of such attacks strikes fear into the hearts of men. Everyone else, too. We’re very serious about fighting cyber crime and the following statement applies. The use of ‘bots’ or other automated means to scan our servers with the intent to cause harm, distribute spam, or other illegal activities are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to deal with such threats at our own discretion, including ip banning, blocking, and the use of law enforcement. In short, if you mess with our servers, you will deal with those who enforce cyber security laws. Count on it.

Updated 1/3/2015


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