Alan Beebe on KMJC El Cajon “Magic 91” | Spring 1977

910 El Cajon KMJC

This aircheck comes to us from Alan Beebe via Matt at Big Apple Airchecks. As the story goes, Beebe gave it to Matt a couple of years ago, and Matt is resending it back to Beebe (and us) since he lost everything in his aircheck collection in Hurricane Katrina. Someone else to remember in your prayers for hurricane victims.

About this aircheck… While we have a couple of samples of ‘Magic 91’ on this site, not much explanation of the station itself. According to Alan Beebe (through Matt), KMJC was programmed by Kevin Metheny (who later went, with Beebe, to WNBC New York). ‘Magic 91’ apparently was rather short lived, on the air about four years total.

910 El Cajon KMJC


  1. If I am not mistaken, Channel 933 is the evolutionary cousin of KMJC, since for a while, 933 was the similcast of KECR 910 (which has been a religious station) until 933 was bought by Jacor. And, notice, it’s KHTS “El Cajon” San Diego.

  2. Rock Harder

    Alan Bebe is a pleasant sounding chap, with good pacing & nice delivery. Other than that what a
    bland sounding radio station. Sounds a little too researched & trite. No stationality, compare this
    to Ten Q.

  3. It is ironic to see Beebe working at Magic 91 being that today he works at another station marketed as Magic. Magic 93.7 in Biloxi of which has a similar logo to the station in this air check. It sounds as if a couple of cuts from Dark Side of the Moon are being played on loop as talk over ramps. Beebe defiantly sounds more upbeat than he does today, but the voice remains unique.

    Another peice of irony is that this station sounds as if the format is a forerunner to soft rock, which is the format of Beebe’s current station.

  4. Thanks for the great comments on this air check.
    Thanks to Matt for re-sending this to me so I could have a copy. It’s funny, this air check was one, as I recall, that I sent to Bob Pittman at W NNNNNNN B C. Guess it worked.

  5. I called Beebe Thursday 9/13 and told him the aircheck was here, so I’m glad he stopped by and made a comment. He’s a great guy, and we’ve been friends since 1977! Wow…time marches on!

  6. bill hamilton

    Before Majic 91, it was radio KDEO for many years before Lee Bartel bought it. I worked at both.

  7. Jeffery James

    We miss Alan down here on “Magic 93.7” Where are you at now Alan Bebe? “I AM BEBE”

  8. mdnghtmike

    used to listen to this station all the time living in san diego all my life. still remeber where the station was located in el cajon. visited studios a couple of times. building still looks almost the same as it did back then. the back door is still there. lol
    dont remeber bebe though

  9. Allan Beebe was RIF’d from Biloxi a couple of years ago after being there for over 7 years. He’s now living in New Orleans doing some fill-in’s on Magic 101.9 He just can’t avoid that Magic, can he? “I AM BEEBE!” That’s my buddy! This is one of my favorite all time airchecks!

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