Allan Beebe, Final Hour of his Final Show, 66 WNBC New York | 1985

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Allen BeebeAllen “I am Beebe” is captured on this incredible AM Stereo, Hi Fidelity (not HD) recording of his final show on WNBC New York. This came in unscoped and only labelled 1985. One of our visitors may be able to pin down the exact date… so be sure to comment at the bottom of this post.


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After reading numerous requests for more airchecks of WNBC’s Hot Adult Contemporary format circa 1982-1986, this was provided via link from the late engineer Gary Blau’s collection with permission, via Lee Chambers. MANY THANKS!

This is simply one of the best AM Stereo recordings we have here on Airchexx. In fact, everything provided by Gary Blau is of extremely high quality. We have other WNBC Stereo recordings available here.


By 1985, WNBC was feeling the pressure of FM CHR stations such as WHTZ Z100, Newly hatched hit station WPLJ and even WAPP. WNBC had moved to a pseudo-CHR format around 1982 and for a time in 1983 was the most listened to hit music station in America. In 1985, the ratings weren’t so good, but WNBC at this time was the last AM station to play music, and they pulled out all the stops for their hit music format, providing a full-service, AM Stereo (Khan system) personality oriented format. The people heard on WNBC at this point included Imus in the Morning, Howard Stern afternoons, Wolfman Jack overnights… and ALLAN BEEBE evenings, with some of the highest ratings in NYC in that time period! This truly was the very best station on the planet in 1985, and fans of WNBC have been asking for more airchecks of the station during this time period for many years.

This format pre-dates the WNBC Time Machine by a little over a year, and this is probably a few months before Howard Stern was fired and replaced by the incredibly funny Joey Reynolds. Enjoy this slice of fantastic radio, provided for you free of charge!

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Because this is such an amazing example of AM Stereo, and a great WNBC aircheck, I’ve decided to provide two versions of this aircheck.

Click below to hear this WNBC aircheck UNSCOPED!

Click the below player to hear this aircheck TELESCOPED.

Click below to view this telescoped aircheck from our Official Airchexx YouTube Channel! (link opens in a new tab)


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