Archiving a Classic: Bootleg Top 40, 1971 – Part 1 classic radio airchecks

Donated within the past year, this came from a vynl pressing done decades ago as a promotional item within radio circles. It has posted before, but this is by far the best, studio quality recording of this montage of radio stations I’ve ever heard. From what I’m told, this was a four part archive, on two records. I’m posting this without comment as there really is no need to – the historic and entertaining nature of this speaks for itself.

This is what it was all about. Top 40 radio from 1971 and it was all on AM!

Aircheck #1,390


  1. Karl Phillips

    This is the greatest assembly of hot jock to be heard !!!!

  2. Kent Verbeck

    Great vintage 1970’s vinyl aircheck ! This aircheck was originally a 12″ LP (1) sided.
    Too bad it was never longer (time).

  3. Brian

    I wish there was more WSAI airchecks online since I live close to Cincinnati

  4. Panama Jack

    What a great quality aircheck this is. Must have been taken before the xmitter; I don’t think it would pass those hi’s. In all my years in the biz I never heard Bootleg Vol 1, Bootleg 2 was passed around quite a bit but usually several generations down. Thx Steve!

    • And I have Bootleg Vol 2 digitized and ready to post, so as soon as there’s some time it’ll go up! Glad you enjoyed,

    • Al

      I don’t know, but lots of AM transmitters back in the day were tweaked out to 12-15KHz..

      • Al

        Just to add: It sounds to me like these could have been recorded off the air monitor receiver. They were typically high-quality AM receivers.

  5. Mike Page

    I only had vol. 1 & foolishly loaned it to someone. Would love to have again. Really great radio.

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