Big Dog Big Ron O’Brien, KZDG Denver | Mothers Day, 1993


A great jock can do any format, as proven here by Big Ron O’Brien.. heard here doing COUNTRY, of all things! But this is Big Ron and the approach is the same no matter what kind of music he plays. That personality just comes out.

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, here’s a side of Ron O’Brien we bet you never heard before… on a station, like the country fad of the mid-90s, is also gone, Big Dog Country!


  1. This is just another taste of Big Ron from his Personal Collection given to me by his mother, and donated exclusively to! It didn’t make a difference what the format was, Big Ron always made it work for him!

  2. Ray Bozzanca

    That’s a great aircheck Matt.I can’t help but laugh during the Ross Perot segment because I had a friend who could do a great impersonation of him.Could have saved Big Ron a thousand bucks!LOL!

  3. Big Ron was the best! And I oughta know, we worked together at KZDG. Ron loved to be on the air more than anyone I ever worked with. He made those around him perform up to his level! I had forgotten about the Ross Perot bit, lol. You could always count on Ron for a creative idea.

    Ron followed me on the air every weekday afternoon on this station. I did middays and was APD/MD and the acting PD a few times. I looked forward to our crossovers on the air everyday. I never knew what he’d say to me on the air. He would easily crack me up every time!

  4. Pete Miller

    And I followed Big Ron on Big Dog every night. What a trip! The thing with Ron was that you NEVER knew what he was about to say! The other thing is what a truly great human being he was. Ron taught all of us around him how to savor every minute on the air. THANKS for the memories here. We miss you, Ron!

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