October 28, 2021

17 thoughts on “Bill Beamish, 1300 WAVZ New Haven | September 6, 1965

    1. Beam Billish started his career at WBIS in Bristol, Ct. I think in 1957 or 58. We kidded him becuz the day he was hired he asked me to stay late to teach him how to run the board. I was the afternoon man and also my first radio job. He told them he had experience, but he didn’t. He did a great job, but sometimes screwed up. One day he left the mike open and said a 4-letter word. Another day he was reading the news and I lit the copy on fire. He left for New Haven and then NY and then back to New Haven. We called him Beam Billish becuz he used to get things backwards. One of my favorite people of all times. Sorry he’s gone.

      1. Worked with the late Bill Beamish at WAVZ from 1982-1991. One Saturday mnorning he got mad because the part-time weekend news man was reading all the baseball score backwards and mis-pronouncing names. He called up the, then News Director John Birchard and wanted the guy tossed. Birchard listened to his next newscast and agreed. Birchard did future Saturday morning newscasts.

  1. I remember Bill “The Double B” Beamish hosted “The Saturday Night Big Band Dance Party” from Studio 13 at WAVZ. He played the best Big Band music. He was at WAVZ the 2nd time from 1982-1992. His classic sign off was “this is the double b giving you the double bye”
    A great jock and always had funny one liners.

  2. Wow! Absolutely Fantastic aircheck!! My 27 year old wife is scratching her head while I’m grinning ear to ear!

  3. Although I am not currently in radio Bill and TJ Martin were two of the DJ’s at WAVZ that got me into radio…I worked for a while (summer job) as a runner and helped print out the old “swing’n 60 survey” many a Saturday morning were spent in studio with BB and TJ….REALLY NICE GUYS….Thanks for the great memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I remember listening to Bill weekday morning on WAVZ in the mid to late eighties playing Music of Your Life format. One morning Bill decides to play “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. That just came out the blue. I never heard “Good Vibrations” on WAVZ again.

  5. The date of this recording is Thursday, September 16, 1965, not September 6th. Beamish mentions the date at 10:30.

  6. ahhhhh……a fine example of “how to master a convincing epiglotal slide” from lesson #3 at The Truckmaster School Of Broadcasting. (…and a very cool side shot of that 72 Mazda B1600 pickup on that promo sheet. I know, because I still have mine.) ….which puts that promo sheet at most likely 1972…..no doubt a trade out with a local Mazda Dealer. I love it . Makes me wanna run out there and grab the nearest teenager.

  7. the first voice on the tape is that of newsman Walt Dibble who was my boss 5 years later at WDRC in Hartford. a great newsman and a fine human being who left us at the relatively young age of 64.

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