Bill Berlin on 1240 WKDA Nashville – Part 2 | December 27, 1968

1240 Nashville, WKDA, Bill Berlin

Just to prove that 8pm to Midnight were the ‘rock hours’ on top 40 AM radio, you’ll hear (scoped) hits by the Beatles and even Deep Purple, mixed in with the top Motown sounds. What’s really amazing about this aircheck, while Berlin is a ‘puker’ (weren’t they all back then?), he does a masterful job of getting requests on the air.

Notable here, not many stations were known for airing phone requests in 1968, but there are plenty on this recording. Berlin must have been working up a sweat in a control room with no computers, just manual cueing of carts, 45s and reels. Jocks really WORKED for their pay. Note the sports and even breaking news, all handled professionally by the jock on duty. Gang, this is what we jocks got into the business for in the first place.

1240 Nashville, WKDA, Bill Berlin


  1. michael berlin

    just thought you’d like to know that bill berlin is my father. i’m so excited to have found this!

  2. Karl Phillips

    So Michael – That would make you a “child of the WILD CHILD”. I had his airchecks posted here and I used to listen to him when I was about 11 years old. He inspired me to spend about 7 years in radio myself. Hope he is doing ok and you too…


  3. Michelle

    Bill Berlin was my dad, too and the greatest man who ever lived.

  4. Michael Dull

    Karl, I am the grandson of Bill Berlin and nephew of Michael up there. I am so glad to hear that he inspired you to go into radio and he would be thrilled to hear that too. But unfortunately at 1:30am October 22nd he died from lung cancer. He had been battling it for a while but no one knew about it until last year right before christmas.

  5. Karl Phillips

    This is truly a sad day for me to hear of the passing of Bill Berlin. I will pass along the information to all here in Atlanta who are voting members of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame…some of which knew of Bill and maybe even worked along side of him at WKDA…Sam Hale comes to mind because I just saw and talked with Sam 3 weeks ago. I also have contacts in Nashville who probably already know but I will get in touch with. But I will tell you this….we have this rare aircheck of him here on AIRCHEXX.COM that will remain. I am so glad I saved this priceless recording to share with everyone. All the best to the entire Berlin family.


  6. Kevin Batts

    Michael and Michelle,

    My heartfelt condolences. I worked with your Dad for many years and he was a good friend. Among the wittiest, most humorous radio announcers of all times. I will miss him.

    Kevin Batts
    (WMAK/92Q, WLAC/106, WSM)

  7. Mike "The Duke" Donegan

    Bill Berlin was not only one of my radio heroes but he let me be his teenage disc jockey of the week once. It was the start of a great radio career for me and I am forever grateful to him.

  8. Karl Phillips

    Hi “Dukey” !!!- I had an aircheck of you on WMAK but I can’t find the doggone thing now. I have an aircheck of you and Carl P on this site of the change on WKDF to country if you haven’t found it. Hope all is well on the satelite side.

  9. Karl Phillips

    And yes….I grew up in Nashville with WKDA and Bill Berlin. He was a staple on Nashville radio for sure.


  10. michael

    After a long delay, I’d like to thank you all for such kind words. If anyone ever wondered what kind of man Bill was outside the world of radio, the fact that I’m thirty-five and still cry after two years over his death should tell you. He was a hero, mentor, best friend, and father to me. I’m still trying to cope with a world that he isn’t in anymore. But we had so many emails and calls from people who knew him… it truly helped, and made us all even more proud. Thank you!

  11. Becki Jordan

    My dad worked with Bill Berlin at WHVT 92 Q in Hendersonville in the early 70’s. They were dj’s together and used to hang out together. My Dad always had good things to say about Bill. My Dad passed this month of liver cancer in California.

  12. Michelle Berlin Silcox

    Becki, I am so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. I remember your dad being mentioned many times. My mom asked me to pass on her condolences as well. She also wanted me to tell you that your dad came to our house all the time and he was a very close friend. I am sorry I didn’t see this post before now. I hope you see this. Someone had made us a cd of this airchexx, so none of us have been back. Hope your family is doing well.

  13. Danny Williams

    Bill was an institution in Nashville Radio. He was #1 in the mid 60s. He was my lifelong friend who I will dearly miss. The world will never be the same again.

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