Bob Grant, 77 WABC New York | November 8, 1994 – Election Day Broadcast

Bob Grant, 77 WABC New York | November 8, 1994 – Election Day Broadcast

Bob Grant WABC WOR Talk Radio PioneerIn writing this commentary, I’ve had to do some research. Those who knew Bob Grant as a listener, or who may have worked for him, will likely note that I have left out a great amount of information about this incredible broadcasting legend. Many thanks to Contributor Ellis B. Feaster, who provided this excellent, if not somewhat muffled, recording of Election Day in New York.
Bob Grant (March 14, 1929 – December 31, 2013). His career began in Chicago while in High School, and took him to WBBM in the 1940s. He worked at many of the nation’s largest AM stations, from KNX and KABC to KLAC in Los Angeles. In 1970 he moved to New York City to 570 WMCA, which just flipped from a Top 40 music format to All-Talk. Grant was never a music DJ. He was, however, considered to be the number one talk show host in America at the time.
In 1977, Grant moved to 710 WOR for his first stint. While there, he helped bring in some of the highest ratings in that station’s history.

According to (WOR) producer Maurice Tunick, Grant had 24.3 share of the ratings at one point, meaning one in four people listening to the radio were listening to Grant’s show.(1)

He was, however, sometimes his own worst enemy. He was fired after a controversial phone call one afternoon, the details of which can be read at this link to Wikipedia.

After stops at WWDB Philadelphia and another round at WMCA, Grant was hired by WABC in November of 1984. Ten years later, we find Grant in the air chair here on Election Day. His first comments on this recording are describing how he has little patience for people who don’t vote. This recording is an educational experience that one won’t find anywhere else.

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