Boston Afternoon Radio Dial Scan | Tuesday June 19, 1984

Boston Afternoon Radio Dial Scan | Tuesday June 19, 1984

On June 19, 1984, I was walking around Boston, from the Harbor, to Copley Place. I had never been to Boston, so I was soaking everything in, from the historical sites, the city’s architecture, to the radio stations. I was carrying a small radio with a built in tape recorder. I spent the afternoon listening to some great radio stations, and some legendary personalities. This aircheck features the recordings I made that afternoon, as I tuned up & down the dial. In this recording, you’ll hear WAAF (Karen Grace), WVBF, WBCN, (“Captain” Ken Shelton), WMJX, WHTT (Doug Alling), WXKS-FM (JJ Wright, Sonny Joe White), WNTN, WMRE (Bill Marlowe), WEZE, WILD, WBZ, WHDH (Dave Supple), WCAS, WRKO (Jerry Williams), WEEI, WCOZ (Ed Fairbanks / Carla Leonardo), WBOS, WSSH, & WCGY. I also recorded WPRO Providence. – Ellis

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