Gary Burbank, 790 WAKY Louisville | 1971

Date of Recording: 1971 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 790 WAKY (WGRC/WAKY/WVEZ/WWKY/WXXA/WKRD) Louisville, Kentucky, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Gary Burbank (WAKY/CKLW/WLW) Contributor: Rob Grayson (WHBQ/WMQM/WKTQ/WJDX/WMC/WMC-FM) Airchexx Entry: 1,475 Today we will take a trip through the Louisville Children’s Zoo with Ranger Bob… Comments: Considering the immense popularity of the recently retired Gary Burbank from 700 WLW, one would think there’d be more recordings of him among the various enthusiasts who recorded radio over the years. Yet, there are very few that can be found. Courtesy of one of our Memphis Contributors, Rob Grayson, Here’s an extremely high quality recording of Mr. Burbank on the old 79 WAKY. Other Wacky 79 airchecks were dona...

Mark Elliot, 1080 WKLO Louisville | January, 1972

Our first aircheck of WKLO comes by way of Contributor Robyn Watts. Tom Prestigiacomo once said that WKLO was the main competition from his station in the late 70s, WAKY. From an earlier time now, Mark Elliot is doing his show on WKLO. Enjoy the format and the scoped sounds of 1972!

Coyote Calhoun on 79 WAKY Louisville | January 5, 1979

Courtesy of former WAKY alumn Tom Prestigiacomo, here’s Coyote Calhoun on Wacky! This is a relatively short aircheck, but good nonetheless. 1979 was a great year for AM top 40, albeit the last year many AM stations played music. WAKY was to be around well into the 80s (check out the 79 WAKY Tribute Site for all the details), but 1979 was probably their last really great year! </center

Tom Prestigiacomo with Bill Bailey, 79 WAKY Louisville #5 | Summer, 1978

This begins with an old-fashioned shift-turnover featuring the legendary ‘Duke of Louisville’ himself, Bill Bailey talking about the previous weekend’s “Battle of the Stars” competition between area media. Sounds like there was lots of fun, and plenty of Bailey’s snarky sense of humor! The rest of this is a great scoped two hours of Tom P’s midday show. Amazing how much personality went into radio back in those days, this from a very music-intensive radio station in the late 70s. This will really take you back, especially for those of you suffering through our first blazing heat wave of the Summer!

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville #4 | Summer, 1978

More blazing Summer fun from ‘Wacky 79’! Tom Prestigiacomo was nice enough to donate this series of airchecks of his time at WAKY – actually, as I recall, I had to pry them, as Tom is as humble as he is nice. Here’s 1978 #4 in this series which includes nearly two dozen between here and late 1979. There are some JAM WAKY jingles heard here, lots of area merchants represented during commercial breaks and mentions of area places to cool off. Tom’s got a great sense of humor which comes across. If there was a station on AM doing this format today, even with all the FM competition, would YOU listen? I would…

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville#3 | 1978

“We ring our bell every half our so you’ll know when to turn to prevent sunburn”. Obviously a Summer ‘check, here’s my friend Tom P. on WAKY Radio. 790 was obviously THE station to turn to for Summer fun in Kentuckyana. Be sure to leave your comments and questions below.

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville | 1979

Here’s a cool aircheck made by contributor, Tom Prestigiacomo. First posted in 2005, Tom informs us that after WAKY, he and a couple of WACKY DJ’s were hired at WMC-FM Memphis – by the former PD of WAKY. In Tom’s words: …”so FM 100 is really just a continuation of WAKY back then”. Anyway, here’s Tom doing his thing on Wacky from sometime in 1979 – yeah check out all the disco tunes! Tom says on this ‘check he’s reading Bob Moody’s book review in the New York times. Gotta wonder if this is the same Bob Moody your webmaster met at WPOC Baltimore back in the 90s… we’ll never know, I suppose.

Tom Prestigiacomo, 79 WAKY Louisville #1 | 1978

Contributor Tom Prestigiacomo donated over a dozen airchecks of his and others’ programs at WAKY Louisville back in 2005 and we’re just now getting to the process of encoding these for exhibition. Despite this being labelled #1, Tom’s first WAKY appearance on this site features him doing a 1960s weekend in 1979. Many fondly remember the Top 40 radio battles between WKLO, WAKY and to a lesser degree (because it wasn’t ‘quite’ Top 40), 84 WHAS. Perhaps you remember this, late 70s ‘disco’ era at WAKY. This is a fun 18 minute recording made ‘right off the board’. There are no drop-outs or AM noise to contend with – just a great deejay and his records, something that WAKY fans will really enjoy!

Jim Jeffrey & Rick Reinhardt, WAVE 970 Louisville | December 21, 1977 6pm – 12am

Recorded just before Christmas 1977, WAVE 970 is here an Adult Contemporary station that today no longer exists. There’s lots of news – NBC Network and local news by Mary McCarthy filling in for Tyler Cox and a later part of news with Norm West. The jocks are NOT part of a morning show, rather, its Jim Jeffrey first, then Rick Reinhardt. There are two jingle packages heard here. First, there’s one that I can’t identify… the “Happy Holiday to WAVE Country” jingle sounds fairly old. Then, there’s one from a WABC package from JAM. We know very little about this station, other than WAVE TV/HD 3 remains on the Television side these days. For listeners who remember this station, this might be a nice trip down memory lane, especially considering tha...