John Records Landecker on 89 WLS Chicago | October 1972

John Records Landecker on 89 WLS Chicago | October 1972

WLS 89 Chicago – John Records Landecker – October 1972

John Records Landecker is a radio legend. His radio career spans more than 50 years! His contributions to music radio were so widely respected, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland saw fit to feature him in their radio exhibit. John has entertained radio audiences in Michigan (WOIA, WERX, WTRX, WILS), Philadelphia (WIBG), Chicago (WLS–multiple times, WLUP, G-106, WCKG, WJMK, & WGN), Toronto (CFTR) and Cleveland (Power 108). When he was working at WLS in the 1970s, John was named Billboard Magazine’s Radio Personality of the year. Landecker is the author of “Records Truly Is My Middle Name” (2013), and has released six CDs of his work; “Landecker & The Legends” (’94), “Landecker & The Legends, Volume 2″ (’95), “Baby Boomers” (’96), “Live Long & Perspire” (’97), “Landecker & The Legends, Volume 5″ (’98), and “20th Century Hits and Bits” (’99).

These days, Landecker works on air at Chicago’s 720 WGN, & and he still does Boogie Check on air! And yes, as he will tell you, Records truly is his middle name.Ellis


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