Bill Berlin, 1240 WKDA Nashville | December 27, 1968

Right off the reel, here’s a brand new exhibit from Karl Phillips. WKDA has occupied three AM frequencies, that we know of, since 1968. 1240, as in this aircheck, more recently as a Spanish station on 1430, and currently on 1200 (later info courtesy FYBUSH.COM) after a move there in 2002. This aircheck is unique for a number of reasons. First, this really is typical of most of the top 40 stations in the late 60s. Sure, there was WLS, WABC and a handful of others which always stand out. But most of the middle & large markets had stations which sounded very much like this. And they sure were popular. Especially when you realize that WKDA was only a 1,000 watt station by day and 250 watts at night. Yet, people remember the DJs who graced these stations. Bill Berlin is one we’v...

Hawk Harrison, WYHY Nashville | 1990

Coming to you via the fabulously enormous Contributor Robyn Watts collection, here’s a selection from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #32 entitled “Hot Night Jocks”. Hawk Harrison is no Coyote McCloud, but definitely cuts it as a hot night jock on one of the nation’s most notorious CHR stations – made so in no small part thanks to the efforts of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, who called on ownership to pull the plug on the station and advertisers to stay away. Eventually, to a degree, it worked, as Y107 would change to AAA as “The River”. Today, WRVW The River is one of Nashville’s leading stations, featuring a straight-ahead CHR format. The cast has changed, but the music remains the same. Back to Y-107. Rhet Walker (Gary Burlei...

Gator Harrison, 107.5 WYHY Nashville | May 25, 1994

Recording Date: 05.25.1994 Station: 107.5 WYHY (@Y107) (WCOR-FM/WUSW/WRVW) Nashville, TN Format: CHR/Top 40 Branding: “Y107“; “The Outrageous FM“; “Nashville’s Number One Hit Music Station” Ownership: iHeart Media (Clear Channel/SFX Broadcasting) Featured Air Personality: Gator Harrison Contributor: Robyn Watts Associated Air Talent: Coyote McCloud, Rhett Walker, Downtown Billy Brown Total Time: 7:44 (Telescoped) Wait… All for One at number two?… This is aircheck #1,562 Curator’s Notes: What in reality is side 2 of a two sided Y107 aircheck (the first side being the previously published “Downtown” Billy Brown aircheck of the same date), this is amazingly, consistently GOOD CHR radio. However, unlike many of the Y107 airchecks out there that focus on Coyote McC...

Billy Brown, 107.5 WYHY Nashville | May 25, 1994

Recording Date: 05.25.1994 Station: 107.5 WYHY (@Y107) (WCOR-FM/WUSW/WRVW) Nashville, TN Format: CHR/Top 40 Branding: “Y107“; “The Outrageous FM“; “Nashville’s Number One Hit Music Station” Ownership: iHeart Media (Clear Channel/SFX Broadcasting) Featured Air Personality: “Downtown” Billy Brown Contributor: Robyn Watts Associated Air Talent: Coyote McCloud, Rhett Walker Total Time: 18:21 (Telescoped) Big day in the Music City tomorrow… This is aircheck #1,561 Curator’s Notes: With enough hyperlinks built in to research nearly everything associated with Nashville’s “Y107”, here’s a jock we never previously featured. Downtown Billy Brown wasn’t part of the original WYHY lineup but he sure sounds g...

Format Change – 103.3 WKDF Nashville Flips from Rock to Country | April 1, 1999

Description from Karl Phillips… WKDF-FM 103.3 (Formerly WKDA-FM – see Bill Berlin) Nashville flips from Rock to Country as “Music City 103” and returns Carl P. Mayfield and the “P-Team” to the air after being fired from cross-town WSIX-FM a year earlier. Carl P. calls it his “release from radio prison”. Those guys were having fun. As of 2016, Cumulus Media has re-branded WKDF to it’s national Country brand, “Nash-FM”

Pat Sajak, “Radio 65” WSM Nashville | June 23, 1975

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak started his career as many Television people did, in radio. Actually, aside from the fact that this is Pat Sajak like most of you have never heard before, this is also a side of WSM that MOST of our listeners have also never heard. Many of you probably know that there was a period of time that WSM had a split format, a Pop format during the day, and Country all night. If you’ve never heard that pop format, it was quite good, so good, in fact, you really won’t quite believe your ears. Listen now, courtesy of one who left the WSM family in 2007. Thanks so much to Contributor Jack Shell. Jack wrote to us shortly after sending this in 2008: Sad thing is that station has gone from the Air Castle of the South to the Little House on the Pr...

A Legend Lives: A Sample of 650 WSM Nashville | September 16, 2014

WSM. Those three call letters bring up images, burned into the memory of past generations. An entire genre of American popular music essentially began right here at this radio station, in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1925 with a weekly show called, “The WSM Barn Dance”. The first announcer/MC for the program was Judge Hay, who changed the name of the show to “The Grand Ole Opry” the next year. The Opry is the longest running radio program in history, and WSM was the first radio station to broadcast Country music on a regular basis. Its also interesting to note that while WSM is where Country music was essentially launched into the American mainstream culture, the radio station did not broadcast Country fulltime until 1979! Prior to that format ‘tweak’, WSM w...

Bill Berlin on 1240 WKDA Nashville – Part 2 | December 27, 1968

Just to prove that 8pm to Midnight were the ‘rock hours’ on top 40 AM radio, you’ll hear (scoped) hits by the Beatles and even Deep Purple, mixed in with the top Motown sounds. What’s really amazing about this aircheck, while Berlin is a ‘puker’ (weren’t they all back then?), he does a masterful job of getting requests on the air. Notable here, not many stations were known for airing phone requests in 1968, but there are plenty on this recording. Berlin must have been working up a sweat in a control room with no computers, just manual cueing of carts, 45s and reels. Jocks really WORKED for their pay. Note the sports and even breaking news, all handled professionally by the jock on duty. Gang, this is what we jocks got into the business for in the f...

Composite: WYHY Y-107 Nashville | May 25, 1994

Rhett Walker once told me that Y-107 had an incredible listener base right up till the day management pulled the plug. The apparent reason: The station name and logo had become synonymous with such outrageous on air behavior that local Christian preachers were having success in deterring advertisers from purchasing airtime… despite high ratings and incredible fan loyalty. All that to describe the atmosphere surrounding this station by 1994. About one year before the flip to “The River”, here’s the whole Y-107 bunch, Morning Zoo and all, scoped down to just under an hour.

WYHY Y-107 Nashville gets featured on 48 Hours | 1989

Sometime in the late 1980’s, the evening news program ’48 Hours’ did a segment on top 40 radio. Or, should I say, outrageous radio. Y-107 was so outrageous, it was prominently featured as a classic example of ‘sinful’ lifestyle (yes, Jerry Falwell was shown preaching against it.). This is priceless, if only to showcase just how big Nashville’s Y-107 was. If only they hadn’t blown it up – and a great many fans would agree with me.

Tony Cox on WZKS 96-Kiss Nashville | July 1984

Nashville. Not Union, MS, as is the current home of those call letters. Everything changes, including this vintage 80s CHR which these days is WCJK from Murfreesboro, outside of Metro Nashville. Music City has always been a hotbed of radio talent and this was no exception. While the city at that time was very much buried in Country music, the mainstream side of the entertainment world was cookin’! This runs just over 13 minutes.

John Richbourg, 1510 WLAC Nashville | Program 10, Sometime, 1970s

Its impossible to nail down the date of this classic original broadcast. Not sure when ‘Program 10’ aired, nor are we sure of how the numbering scheme worked. Perhaps someone out there knows. We’re re-releasing this post with a few enhancements. Here’s one of the most unique shows ever aired on AM radio. John Richbourg’s Rhythm & Blues show on WLAC was something most fans of R&B remember, although outside of the south, I’m not sure what the ratings were… or even if ratings were available for ‘clear channel’ (frequency, not the company) stations with popular shows after dark. At the time of this recording, WLAC was not your run-of-the-mill radio station. It ran lots of network programming and middle-of-the-road fare during the ...

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