103.5 WYNY

The End Of 103.5 WYNY New York | February 10, 1996

Since this posted, many changes have happened in the NYC market. The largest driver, being Family Radio selling 94.7 Newark, NJ. That station has since become the flagship of the “Nash-FM” Country format nationwide for Cumulus Media. One has to go back roughly 15 years to find the last time New York had a top Country station. This aircheck marked the end of that previous era. Rumors of the demise of WYNY were bouncing around the market, but even after the format change nobody expected the format to disappear from the market for long. This aircheck features the majority of the WYNY airstaff celebrating the history of the station and its impact on the market and each other. Among the hosts included are night host Randy Davis, middayer Lisa Taylor, morning co-host Katherine Brown,...

Bill Rock, 103.5 WYNY New York

Bill Rock was well known in New York prior to the Country version of WYNY, having been part of WNBC for many years. Here’s Bill on Y103.5 in its country incarnation. We might call it the fourth incarnation of WYNY, counting in the 70s “All News” format, AC as “New York 97” on 97.1, Country 97 and then the frequency switch to 103.5. There’s a lot of history here, in this two plus minutes of Country Radio gold, recorded sometime around 1993 or 94. There’s really not enough here to pinpoint an actual date, so let the listener make his or her own best guess. Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks. Click HERE for more audio from WYNY. Click HERE for more from Big Apple Airchecks.

Del DeMontreaux and “Your Hometown Countdown”, 103.5 WYNY New York | August 28, 1992

There is a long history of Country music in New York, although a city grade signal hasn’t truly been available for about 10 years. Sure, there is “My Country 96.1” out on Long Island, and for those far enough south of NYC, there’s WXTU on 92.5 out of Philadelphia. But except for what was known as the “Quadcast” Y107 (four separate stations fed the same Country programming on 107.1 rimshotters), it has been since 1996 that New York City, proper, has had a Country station of it’s own. 103.5 WYNY came about in 1988 after a complex series of events where 97.1 WYNY and 103.5 WQHT swapped frequencies. Country had been programmed on 97.1 WYNY for the previous year. Prior to that, Country music was heard on 1050 WHN since 1973, ending only at the launch of...