Charlie Wagner, 1240 WWCO Waterbury (CT) | February 20, 1978

1240 Waterbury CT WWCO

WWCO 1240 Waterbury
One of the nice things about AM radio in the late 70s was that most had morphed into some sort of Top 40 format and were VERY local in areas outside of major cities. Waterbury Connecticut is a medium sized city which is too far away from Hartford to be considered a suburb, yet is included in dual/multi-market station legal ID’s – such as WWYZ Waterbury/Hartford/New Haven. WWYZ was the FM sister station to WATR in ’78 and is technically a Waterbury station, but… well, we’re digressing.

WWCO is currently part of a multi-station talk format simulcast, originating from WDRC (AM) 1360 Hartford, But back in 1978, it was a local hot Top 40 station, complete with jingles and reverb. This aircheck was recorded by Bob Gilmore and features Charlie Wagner. This came from the source tape that sounds like it came from a wide-band AM receiver. It probably was, in fact, since AM signals were allowed several more HZ of bandwidth than they are today – 13 vs 9.
Runs over 22 minutes, scoped.

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  1. Mike Grayeb

    Great aircheck! FYI, I’m pretty sure the jock is Charlie Wagner (not Charlie White). Also, WWYZ was (and still might be; not sure) a sister station of WATR during that time period (not WWCO).

    Again, great stuff; thanks for sharing! Would love to post that aircheck on the WWCO Facebook page; if possible, please let me know at


  2. Jim S

    Charlie Wagner (Joe Senk) has worked at WTNH 8, for approximately the last 30-plus years. IN 1978 Charlie went on to work at 13-WAVZ. He was a great jock.

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