Chris Roth, WRQX Washington DC | July 18, 1999

107.3 Washington WRQX Mix 107.3

Usually, just a few weeks before Christmas, we’re all thinking about snow and cold, but sometimes its nice to remember Summer’s heat! Going back 16 1/2 years as of this writing, here’s the first aircheck featuring weekend guy Chris Roth. Weekends are more music intensive, and you’ll hear what was being played on WRQX, which at this time was owned by ABC Radio, before they became part of the Walt Disney radio empire.

While this is scoped for legal purposes, the commercial breaks are left intact. Why? Well, in normal radio listening, people would rather tune out the commercials and just hear the music, but because we’re a museum, the commercials are appropriate to leave in, as they are all date-specific. It helps put you, the listener, back into your time machine to remember when this was live radio!

Jack Diamond was the morning man during this time frame.

107.3 Washington WRQX Mix 107.3

Aircheck #1,372 since May 2, 2002!

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  1. Gary Kerns

    Two things. First, the promo said the best hits of the 80s, 90s, and today, leading me to think that this ‘check was made after 1999. Also, what were the calls of 106.7 in DC? I was under the impression that RQX was on 106.7.

    • I can only go by the date on the tape. I know the person who recorded it, someone who wishes to remain ‘annonymous’. The integrity of his tape filing system was flawless. Truth be known, I have a couple hundred of these late 90s/early 00s tapes that still need to be posted. I waited for quite a while so that some time would pass between the recordings and today’s date. 16 years qualifies as an ‘Oldie’.

    • Leon

      107.3 has been WRQX since probably the late ’70s. originally it was WMAL-FM. 106.7 is WJFK. in the ’80s it was WBMW which at one time was top 40 B-106.

      • Gary Kerns

        Thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t think I was imagining that there’s a 106.7 in the DC market. Also, while WRQX was WMAL-FM at one time (and 107.3), WMAL-FM is now at 105.9. The call letters now mean Washington’s MALL, but they originally stood for its founder, local optician Martin A. Leese. Finally the ABC-TV affiliate in DC, now WJLA, was originally WMAL. I know quite a bit about the broadcasting industry, and it’s so nice to have a forum in which to exchange facts and opinions.
        I found out what I just posted from Wikipedia.

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