Chuck Buell, HitRadio 103.3 KHTR St. Louis | March 24, 1988

103.3 St. Louis KHTR KLOU

Chuck Buell
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Curator’s Notes:
For anyone who ever heard Chuck Buell on WLS, or maybe up in Canada… Chuck sounds GREAT in the morning! In fact, after hearing this aircheck for myself I wondered how come there’s not much information at all about his time on this legendary station. Well, fear not, fellow airchexx fans! I’ve got a bit of info about Chuck.

First, here’s who you hear as part of the morning show:

Roger Brand
Kay Quinn (the news person)
Ben Able (Meteorologist)
Don Miller (Traffic Helicopter)

This was soon to be the end of an era, as far as morning shows go. This was a Morning Zoo-type show, moving along very quickly, and with sound effects and all that. Oh, I miss those days. The 1980s were such a fun time to be in radio, actually, it was a really FUN time to be a listener! This recording does not disappoint!

About Chuck Buell. Chuck is STILL in the business, but these days he does voices for commercials, TV shows, Educational videos and even Video Games! You can visit his website at //
Several years ago, Chuck was interviewed for an online publication. Perhaps the best source of info about Chuck and his career is this which was written back in 2010 at Chicago radio spotlight.
Aircheck Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts.

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  1. Michael

    In Baltimore Maryland Chuck was our morning drive from 6:00 am to 10:00 am Monday through Friday on BALTIMORE BEST B104 WBSB MEANS MUSIC with Roberta Gale in 1989 to 1990

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