Clarke Ingram, 104.7 KZZP Phoenix | August, 1986

104.7 Phoenix KZZP Kid Corona Jason Garrett Clarke Ingram

Clarke IngramDate of Recording: 08.xx.1986 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 104.7 KZZP (KIOG/KZZP/KVRY/KZZP-FM) Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Talent: Clarke Ingram
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Airchexx Entry: 1,456

“We have a LOSER on the Make it or Break it… can we please have the big BOO horn…”


This quick scope of KZZP showcases the incredible talent of master Programmer Clarke Ingram, here doing the live evening show. It’s the Top 8 at 8, and there is a giveaway at the conclusion of the countdown. Think back and remember how exciting night shows used to be. Not syndicated or voicetracked back then, this is all heartstopping, live radio excitement! Ingram is having a lot of fun and the audience can feel it!

Clarke Ingram is retired these days, and posts daily on facebook. Check out his profile here. He is also a Television Historian who runs a website dedicated to the history of the long-defunct DuMont TV Network. Here’s that link.

104.7 Phoenix KZZP Kid Corona Jason Garrett Clarke Ingram


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