Clarke Ingram, 620 WKHB Irwin PA | June 27, 2009

620 Irwin Pittsburgh KHB

Clarke IngramDate of Recording: 06.27.2009
Station: 620 WKHB Irwin (Pittsburgh) PA
Format: Classic Hits of the 60s, 70s & 80s
Branded: “Six-Twenty K H B
Featured Air Personality: Clarke Ingram (WBZZ/KZZP/WJJJ/WPXY/KRQQ/WBZZ/WHTZ/WEGX/WWSW/WXKX/WZUM/WKHB) (Wikipedia) (Website)
Contributor: Clarke Ingram
Total Time: 15:17 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 1,553

KQV Played it, KQV’s gonna announce it right now…

Curator’s Notes:

Clarke Ingram – the only DJ I’ve ever heard with the audacity to not only flashback to 1969, but devote a whole show to another DJ and radio station!

In this edition of the Clarke Ingram show, we finally find out where Fred Winston (of WLS fame) worked before heading to Chicago. And, courtesy of Jeff Roteman’s 14 KQV Tribute Site (according to Clarke), there’s an entire show’s worth of Fred Winston on KQV! Honestly, until this aircheck, I thought my Steve West Show (Powered by was the only program that featured airchecks of different radio stations. Even WABC only featured airchecks from their own MusicRadio 77 history when they did the “Rewound” Memorial Day shows last decade.

As with the other KHB aircheck just posted a few days ago, this one has ALL the right stuff! Reverb, PAMS jingles, extremely high energy and one of the fastest jocks to ever crack a mic. In fact, upon hearing that aircheck, user CalRadioPD commented

Clarke Ingram is one of the best jocks who ever lived. Should have been in at WLS in Chicago—-or in L.A. or New York. Outright owned nights in Phoenix at KZZP in the mid-80s.

Enough said.


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