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The TOP of the AM dial

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Steve West
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Listening to AM 1700 WRCR out of Rockland County NY.  The station has a pretty cool Classic Hits format which is mainly 80s based.  WRCR does use jingles, although I haven't heard them this evening.   Pretty awful jingles from what I recall.   

I don't hear live jocks or even tracked, but someone has recorded the local weather which plays out of every stop set.  

What's up with this station?  Their website, highlights a live morning show and lots of community activity.  Since I haven't had occasion to listen during the daytime, can anyone tell me what the real format is?  Is it talk until evenings, or a full service kind of station playing music and lots of community announcements?  If it's the latter, man, what a throwback to the old days!