Composite, 62 WJDX Jackson MS | Early 1970s

Rob Grayson WKNO-TV, WHBQ, WMC-FM Memphis
Rob Grayson at WKNO-TV Memphis

I’d like to play this song for Henry Kissinger… he’s having some trouble getting his act together

Curator’s Notes:

Hot off the presses from Contributor Rob Grayson is this clean and mostly high quality recording of 62 JDX back in the early 70s. My guess without asking would be around 1973 or so, as the reference to Henry Kissinger points to Watergate being underway. No matter. This aircheck moves along very quickly.

The jocks featured here are listed in order:

Dave Donoway
Rodney W. Randall
Kramer Hash
(not quite sure if this is his name or not)
Brian Harrigan
Bill Cruz
Jim Chic

Sounds like a Drake station to me! Listen for the RKO TOH midway through voiced (it sure sounds like) by Bill Drake!


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