Composite: 79 WQXI Atlanta | September 1966

790 Atlanta WQXI

It’s old but it’s a great cross section of talent, some of whom include Dr. Don Rose (KFRC) and Tony Taylor (WOR-FM)!

This is mid-60s WQXI, with lots of reverb, cheesy pop tunes and tons of PAMS jingles! Since we’ve become the de-facto WQXI historical site (WQXI is our most popular station according to stats), this one is for the fans!

79 WQXI Atlanta -


  1. eric shapiro

    thank you for all the Quxie clips.

    how great that wqxi is the most requested/listened to on this site, that comes as no surprise. it was the standard for all top 40 radio and it had a tremendous influence on the many people that grew up with it…….

  2. Jesse Hancock

    Thanks for all the WQXI checks. This is so awesome, I just wish Reelradio had all the QXI exibits. Thanks again…

  3. Karl Phillips

    I had to chuckle a bit hearing this. I had just moved to Atlanta when this was made. Three years after this I was board operator for Mark Van Brooks who did the talk show on Quixie on Sundays and he can be heard just a bit on here going out of the news. The late Pat Hughes is also on this. After his passing he was replaced by my good friend Randy Robins.

  4. jw

    Hi I have Firefox, and am having trouble with the 1965 Tony the Tiger. I tried to use only I E, and have Quicktime and Real.
    I love these reels; and need the 1965 for personal research, and a school project. Thanks in advance!

  5. Karl Phillips

    In high school in 1966 listening to Dr. Don on the school bus on the way to school. In 1969 I landed a job there helping with the phones and working the board on Sundays for a talk show called Open Line. Red Jones is still on the radio here in the area. Saw him and Tony Taylor at the 2007 Ga. Radio Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony. The late Pat Hughes is on here too. Thanks for the post Steve !!! Brings back memories…all good, too.

    Karl Phillips

  6. Sadly Uncle Ricky only posted two or three of the WQXI airchecks I sent him. He says the others don’t have enough quality and he can’t fix them. I grew up in Atlanta in the 60s and have lots of tapes (now digitally converted) from that era. The earliest is Tom & Paul Collins in December of 1964.It’s two hours long with news, spots, whatever. They are online, but I feel like I’d be cheating this website to give the link. Anyway WQXI airchecks are out there!

  7. Jeff Young

    Based on references to days of the week, sporting events, and weather conditions, the date of the Red Jones segment is September 30, 1966 (fifty years ago today!). The other three segments aired on October 6, 1966.

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