Composite, 96.5 WPOW Miami

96.5 FM Miami Power 96 WMJX WCJX WMYQ WPOW

We’re a couple of years late on this one, as we have literally HUNDREDS of waiting airchecks to post. But, thanks to Kid Curry @ Curry Media, here’s day long composite. Curry writes:

I was lucky to program Power 96 from 1996-05. This is just one version of Power through those years. This aircheck has Al B. Sylk, Chi Chi, DJ Laz, Lucy Lopez and Teddy T. Enjoy!!

Straight from the Power 96 studio, judging by the very high bitrate recording we received, this runs just over seven minutes. Impressively high production quality is demonstrated here, so, turn this up on those high-end speakers, and blow out the windows! Hip Hop imaging is LOUD!

96.5 FM Miami Power 96 WMJX WCJX WMYQ WPOW

Aircheck #1,319 since May 2, 2002!


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