Composite: WPGC FM & AM Washington DC | May, 1979

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Here’s one sure to give you goosebumps! If ever there was a Top 40 station recording that epitomized the best of the AM top 40 era, it is THIS!

Here’s a composite featuring all the elements that made radio great. It starts with Lee Logan on WPGC “Stereo 95” with tickets for listeners to see Pablo Cruise at Kings Dominion (amusement park). Lee is not only the night jock here, but just full of personality, sports scores and more. Of note, Logan plays a new album cut from Carly Simon, as the station apparently tests new music at night (who does THAT anymore?). There’s plenty of Disco music and lots of commercials from the music labels peddling new Albums. Included in the first segment is a great editorial piece called “Soundoff”, where listener letters about a community topic are read on the air. This first one is SO appropriate for our lives TODAY!… about the then upcoming Windfall Profits Tax. From “A Listener in Annapolis”. It’s GREAT!

Next up is Scott Carpenter, recorded the Friday leading into Memorial Day ’79 afternoon, starting at approximately 2PM. The weekend started at 6 with a special of Number One hits.

Compare this with our last posting with Jim Elliot & Scott Woodside on WPGC from January of 1980 to get a complete picture of WPGC during the final part of the ’70s AM Top 40 era. Top 40 had matured as a format, and this, in your webmaster’s opinion, is the absolute BEST it got!!!

Another, from the archives of Big Apple Airchecks! Thanks, Matt!

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  1. Mike Schwartz

    Loved hearing Scott Shannon at 11:30 reading the WPGC sound off.

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