‘Cousin’ Bruce Morrow Hosts the 2nd “Radio Greats Weekend”, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | June 10, 1988

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis

This was the second Radio Greats Weekend held by WCBS-FM, the first having aired some six years earlier, in response to WABC’s format change to talk. At the time of this recording, CBS-FM is a very 1950s and early 60s oriented station, playing a lot of Do-wop records and using entirely Pams 1960s-era jingles.

This starts out at the end of a show hosted by Hal Jackson. He does two breaks and then its all Cousin Brucie after the Legal ID jingle. While scoped, this is a very long aircheck, as the show was mostly talk and interviews, digitized from a TDK D120 2 hour tape. This held up extremely well over the years. The audio is so crisp it sounds like this is being broadcast live.

Appearing in no particular order: Dan Ingram (via telephone), Les Marshack (In Studio), Bobby Jay (In Studio)


  1. Richard Kaplan

    These reunion weekends were terrific. There were six of them in all from 1984 to 1998. The date on this one is 1989,not 1988. I live in Pennsylvania,out of range of CBS-FM’s signal and would drive to New Jersey,stay in a motel and record the entire weekend. If only streaming existed!

    WCBS-FM was the greatest oldies station in the country in the 80s and 90s. That ill fated Jack format came in six years ago and CBS-FM returned a little over two years later. While it’s good CBS is back, they are too 80s heavy for my taste. 60s and 80s songs just don’t mix well..but it’s the demos.

  2. David

    As a matter of fact, Richard, there was no “Radio Greats Weekend” on “(W)CBS-FM” in 1988. That event was held every few years, not annually. This was the second such event on the station (the first having been in 1984).

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