Dan Ingram, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York, | March 26, 1994

WCBS FM 101 New York

Dan Ingram WCBS fm 101 New York

Every so often, its important to take a break and just LAUGH! This isn’t just a great aircheck from the heyday of CBS-FM, it’s hilarious! Big Dan was really on top of his game here – although, lets face it, I’ve never heard a bad Dan Ingram show. Have you?

This begins with a full newscast. Listen for the CBS-FM “Oldies” era jingles, and some imaging I haven’t heard on any of the CBS-FM airchecks we’ve posted here. Perhaps this was a direction the station was heading back in 1992.

As your curator, I have questions. For instance, who was Dan Ingram’s producer at this time? Dan was only doing weekends on CBS-FM, so that’s a clue. Visitors to airchexx listening to this, did you work at CBS-FM in some capacity and can fill in the blanks? Please leave a comment below.

Coming shortly, the video version of this website from our official “Airchexx Classic Radio” YouTube Channel.



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