“Dandy” Dan Daniel hands Middays to Dan Taylor | December 31, 2002

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Often, if not most times in radio, when a DJ disappears either because he quit or was fired, most people never know why until they read about it in the paper. Or hear it through the grapevine. Once in a while, however, there is mention of it on the air.

In one of the most classy turnovers I’ve ever heard, “Dandy” Dan Daniel signs off and hands his afternoon show to Dan Taylor. Both men were friends who had worked together in Country radio, at WHN (1050) and at WYNY (103.5), and there was a deep admiration and respect for one another… and it shows in this 5 minute clip of Daniel’s last full time appearance on WCBS-FM.



  1. carleton d. libbey

    Dan Daniel was always a class act. Really,really good on the radio and a comfort to listen to in spite of a personally challenging day. Where is he now. I would love to know. I think he is retired but if he has an E-Mail I would like to thank him for the hours and hours and hours of good clean entertainment. I have very fond memories of d.d. and I’m pushing 65 so,you know,I was there. Still got my Good Guy shirt although quite faded. Might seem crazy, but, folks, those were the GOOD OLD DAYS>

  2. Gerry

    Dan Taylor and Dan Daniel were talking about their change in 9-12, not PM drive.

  3. Judy

    I have such wonderful memories of DDD. I would always send him greeting cards via the station.
    In response to one card, on the air he said “her mind is so far out there, the buses don’t run”.
    Miss you

    • David Ellis

      Hi there…does anyone know where Dan Daniel is today? He was a great friend of mine in the late 80’s when I lived in NYC….

  4. Stacy

    I grew up with Dandy Dan on WHN in the seventies and eighties. He was so much a part of my family’s life that when he signed off we were absolutely heartbroken! My mother and then myself were local and regional country artists who learned soooo many great tunes spun by DDD. He truly was a major part of our lives and growing up without him wouldn’t have been the same. Here’s to YOU Dandy Dan Daniel!!!!

    • David Ellis

      Do you know where DDD is? I thought he lived in Westchester County and am keen to track him down. Any help you coould give me wouls be much appreciated.
      Thnak you!
      David Ellis

    • David Eliis

      Hey Stacy,

      I hope that you get this, have you heard anything on where Dan Daniel is? I was a good friend of his in the late ’80’s and 90’s in NYC.
      David Ellis
      Brisbane Australia.

  5. David Ellis

    I was a good friend of DDD and spent a lot of time with him in the late ’80’s. Does anyone know where he currently is? One of my fondest memories was when Dan shouted my dinner at Gallaghar’s in NYC! What an amazing guy!
    David Ellis, Brisbane Australia

  6. Richard Marens

    I’d also love his email address to express my gratitude for his 1960’s opposition to the Vietnam War that he expressed over the air. I don’t remember hearing that kind of courage on the so-called “progressive rock” stations.

    We were spoiled back then in NY, but didn’t know how good we had it with the “two Dans”: Ingram satirizing the whole top forty format with almost every breath over at WABC (and he did a nice Jazz show on the FM affiliate before it converted to AOR as well). I was told that they both went up for the same local television gig, and Daniel won over Ingram because the very Protestant Ingram was considered “too Jewish.”

  7. JoAnn

    Has anyone heard from /about Dan recently?? (Oct 3 2010)

  8. David Ellis

    Hi there,

    Still looking for DDD’s whereabouts? Anyone any idea’s? Thank you from Australia.

  9. Bill Capron

    Can any tell me how I can send Dan an email or write him a note Thanks if you can

  10. lisa moore

    I too would like to know where and what Dan Daniel is up to now when he was with both country stations he was always so good to me either each time we saw each other in person or every time we talked on the phone he would always spend at least an hour or 15 minutes on the phone with me when I called into the station and then when we met in person he would spend as much time with me as he could and that is what made me feel so special Thank Lisa Moore

  11. Ruthy Rios

    Where is my friend Dandy Dan Daniel? i miss he so much dee jaying in the mornings. I’ve won several times when the station had the backwards oldies. I met him personnally in a store promoting
    cbs fm 101.1 & had a picture taken with him. I haven’t heard him for a while. I also use to hear him dee jaying on Saturday’s on cbs fm 101.1. I’ld love to hear from him, about him, has he retired?
    Please give him my best & especially to his family because, I think, for him to be so great a dee jay always so sweet & friendly & considerate with all those on radio, it shows & sounds that he has a great home uprising both from his parents & I’m sure a parent himself is a god’s gift & blessing for those he has inspired.
    God Blees him his family & his radio listeners. Hola Senor Dandy Dan Daniel
    Yo siempre te llamaba para saludarte.
    Gue Dios te bendiga. Ruthy 🙂

  12. luis medina


    • David

      I thank you for saying that, Andi, as, sadly, Dan Daniel aka Dandy Dan/Dandy Dan Daniel/Triple D passed away on June 21. He was 81. As Andi posted above, RIP Dandy Dan!

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