Danny Bonaduce, Eagle 106 WEGX Philadelphia | 1989

Danny Bonaduce,  Eagle 106 WEGX Philadelphia | 1989

We all remember little 10 year old Danny Bonaduce starring as Danny Partridge on the popular TV series The Partridge Family. After the show ended, Danny’s life took a downward spiral. Acting rolls dried up. Danny had to leave home because of domestic problems. By the time Danny was in his 20s, drugs & alcohol were a big problem, and Bonaduce found himself homeless. Danny found a lifeline in radio, when he made an appearance on the new Eagle 106, WEGX Philadelphia. Management liked him so much, they gave him a shot as an on air personality. For having never done radio, Danny was pretty good! His show became popular in Philly, and once again there was interest in Danny. He started making TV appearances, and then started getting offers from other radio stations. Eagle 106 was the launchpad that landed a job for Danny at KKFR in Phoenix, Arizona. Later, Danny hosted weekday mornings in Detroit at WKQI, and he would fly to Chicago for afternoons at WLUP. He began co-hosting the morning drive-time show on Star 98.7 FM KYSR Los Angeles. Free FM 97 KLSX Los Angeles offers Danny a midday show, and at the same time, he hosted mornings on 94WYSP in Philly from Los Angeles.  As of 2019 Danny was holding down mornings at Seattle’s 102.5 KZOK. For over 30 years Danny has had a successful radio career, and it all started at WEGX. In this aircheck you can hear Danny in his early radio days, when he was 30 years old, and just beginning his radio journey.


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