Davey D, KCCN FM 100 Honolulu | April 17 2009

Davey D, KCCN FM 100 Honolulu | April 17 2009


If you have never been to Hawaii, you’ll find radio is a bit different in the 50th state. In addition to the radio formats you’ll find on the US mainland, you’ll also find different formats featuring Hawaiian music. You’ll find a mix of Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian music in English & Hawaiian, on Honolulu’s 105 KINE. There is a blend of Hawaiian Reggae & Jamaican Reggae on Island 98.5 KDNN & 93.1 Da Paina (The Party). There is also KKNE AM 940, which is hybrid of traditional Hawaiian music and talk & information geared towards an adult audience of Native Hawaiian descent, with much of it in the Hawaiian language. And finally, you have Contemporary Hawaiian, or as they call it, “Today’s Hawaiian Hit Music,“ on KCCN FM100. On KCCN, the Hawaiian music is in English, and the jocks speak English, but you will find it sprinkled with Hawaiian words & phrases. This aircheck features market veteran, Davey D, who is also the station’s Program Director.


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