Dick Biondi on The Big 10 – WCFL Chicago (January 3, 1969) – Part 2

Dick Biondi at WLS-FM Chicago
Station: 1000 WCFL (WLUP/WMVP) Chicago (Wikipedia) (WMVP Website)
Format: Top 40
Branded: “Big 10“; “Radio 10
Ownership: The Chicago Federation of Labor
Featured Air Personality: Dick Biondi
Contributor: Anonymous
Total Time: 16:59
Aircheck #1,588

From San Francisco California they came – The Jefferson Airplane

Curator’s Notes:

Part two begins with a full newscast from Bill Reese. Listen for several stories of historical significance – Teddy Kennedy won the Democratic Primary, for one. Reese reads the news and there are stories from reporters in the field. He also reads a quick sports update and the weather before throwing it back to Dick Biondi..

A few minutes later in this scope, there’s another full newscast, this time anchored by Bob Hagan.

Personally, I’m not too thrilled with this aircheck of Dick Biondi. Was he off his game this day? Hearing, essentially, “this is, that was” and a WCFL jingle after EVERY record gets stale quick. Biondi, like nearly all the great jocks of the AM Top 40 era, always had something funny or interesting to say… this particular night, saying hello to his listeners is about all the entertainment we hear – everything else is done straight. It seems unlike the Biondi we heard in 1963 on WLS. That might be on purpose. Either way, listeners young and old will still enjoy this slice of WCFL that hasn’t posted anywhere on the internet till now

It’s another WORLD EXCLUSIVE that you’ll only find here at airchexx.com!


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