Dr. Don Rose on 610 KFRC San Francisco | April 18, 1986

610 San Francisco, KFRC

Sure, the Big 610 is long gone now, and so is the FM, but we can sure think back to happier times! Here’s the Doctor himself, just months ahead of the format change which took KFRC to nostalgia. The theme for this show is the 80th anniversary of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and Rose gets serious about warning for preparations, then jokes it off with a parody by “The Six-Tens”… you knew there was a punch line, always is with Don Rose.

Dr. Don Rose, 610 and 99.7 KFRC is all just a memory now, but you can enjoy this latest slice of 5,000 watt fun from northern California, courtesy of our really good friend Robyn Watts!

The Big 610 KFRC


  1. Rose Connolly

    Hi loved the aircheck and miss him dearly..
    was kelly mckay on the air in Reno..
    loved that aircheck..thanks a million

    kelly, Rose Connolly




    Too bad I wasn’t around when top 40 music was still playing on AM radio.

  4. Bruce Paz

    I used to wake up to Dr.Don in Wilton Ca.
    Back in 70’s and its great to hear the air check.
    I have great memories of the him and his show.
    God Bless you Dr. Don Rose.

  5. Jay Philpott

    I was lucky enough to hear DDR on his first day in September 1973, and for his first three years on KFRC. The word legend is just not sufficient for his presence then and his legacy now. Thanks for this aircheck.

  6. I actually WON DINNER AT HIS ALAMO HOME!…yes, a promotional Contest to name who you hoped to eat Holiday Dinner with. At that time he was unfortuately Broadcasting from his home. Yes I met Crew & family. Yet, after Station changed program structure [•he basically Vanished•] Someone pleaae tell me what •happened to him? •Did he pass away? •WHY?

  7. to answer the question jeffrey where did he go he signed on with the new format as magic 61 and was let go after that im sure thats why he died no more music no more ddr

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