Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo – WHTZ Z100 New York | December 9, 1997

100.3 New York WHTZ Z100

You’ll barely believe your ears hearing this all new, never before shared aircheck of the Z100 Z Morning Zoo. Recorded by contributor Bob Gilmore in Shelton Connecticut, Here’s Elvis Duran from the days before syndication, when everything was done live and in the main studio of Z100 New York!

100.3 New York WHTZ Z100Listen for all the bits done in the morning show. Z100 is heavily promoting its “Jingle Ball”. It’s the Christmas season and there’s a couple of parody songs in here that we’re allowed to keep – I *THINK* there’s no royalties involved (but you never know).

Instead of me writing all the elements of this aircheck, listen for yourself! But make sure you have some time on your hands, even scoped, this runs over an hour in length.

Pristine audio that was recorded onto a VHS video tape – which was far better than cassettes, the Z100 signal was solid this day.

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Buy this aircheck UNSCOPED HERE.


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