68 WRKO “Blooper Tape, circa 1968-73

680 Boston WRKO

Bloopers, Broken TapeFor you radio people, how many of you remember sitting down at a staff meeting or a holiday party at some restaurant, and the GM or PD pulled out this tape of bloopers, things nobody was EVER supposed to hear? How many of you can relate to someone producing the master production reel with 500 pieces of splice tape on it and a recording or two of one of the airstaff trying to get a production piece right while a little frustrated… or in the case of after hours production, a little inebriated?

Well, there’s nothing quite THAT shocking on this tape, but to hear well known WRKO jocks making ANY mistakes is shocking in itself. Hand here it is, thanks to Contributor Steve Bleecker, the unofficial bloopers tape from WRKO, from sometime around 1968 or so, up to perhaps, 1974? Someone out there really knows the details, and we’re just DYING to hear the juicy stories behind the mistakes! Use the “Comment” section below, or, alternately, post your comments on our facebook page – //facebook.com/airchexx

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One thing is certain. With computers running everything today, there’s little chance that you’ll hit the REW button on the reel-to-reel deck in the studio with the pot up!

Listen in order to these WRKO air personalities as they laugh their way through technical glitches:

Chris Bailey
Dale Dorman
Robert Stevens
(20/20 News)
Mark Rivers
Gary Martin
J.J. Jeffrey

At the 7 minute mark, there’s a very funny bit from Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis rehearsing their lines for a movie promo… Parental Advisory for foul language on this bit.

680 Boston WRKO Chip Hobart, Dale Dorman Johnny Dark Harry Nelson JJ Jordan JJ Wright Mike Addams Eric Chase Charlie Van Dyke Jordan Rich JJ Jeffrey Charlie Fox 68 RKO


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  1. CalRadioPD

    Well, lessee here…the first half of this is actually just the aircheck of Chris Bailey’s last show before going to KCBQ in San Diego. That’s from 1971. So are the couple of bits from Dale Dorman. And the rewinding tape thing was not an accident….it was Mark Rivers fairly cleverly handling the “spring forward” move to Daylight Saving Time at 2 a.m. (when the clock went forward an hour to 3 a.m.).

    The oldest stuff on this tape (from WRKO) is from 1970. The newest from 1971. And apart from the blown back-announce on the Johnny Rivers record and the J.J. Jeffries microphone problem, there’s not really a “blooper” on it. Bailey being a little loose on his last show and Dorman not realizing he was talking up the long version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” don’t really count.

    And the Lewis and Martin thing was an outtake from a commercial session in 1953…which had nothing to do with WRKO.

  2. Gary Kerns

    The sound quality was fluttery (is that even a word?) for the first 5:09. I got a kick out of Martin and Lewis at the end. Hilarious!

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